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Sorry to have to post this again but the 2023 Family Reunion does not have much steam for out of area family in August. There may be local interest but the families outside the local Greensburg area are not in the position to make this trip this year. We do need local help to make future Reunions work. Local families are welcome to contact the Conservation Center to reserve the Barn.



This is just going to take more help. We need to keep our family Genealogy alive!


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Christian Lauffer

 The Pioneer

This site shows the descendants of Christian Lauffer and related lines by family group. Christian's parents and Grand Parents are also listed. This data is accurate to the best of my knowledge but may contain errors. If an error or missing data is identified, please contact me by email:


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Original Publication 1906


Christian Lauffer Web Site


  Please Note:  The Surnames with Pedigree Charts has data as of 11 May 2023. Please review your specific family data on this site and let me know if there are any errors or omissions.  There are still several hundred inputs pending input to this data. If you do not find your data in the website, please contact me, even if you have contacted me in the past, so I can be sure I have your information. Use the Website Contact Information listed below. A notice will be sent out when this site is updated so that you can review your family line for accuracy prior to publishing the Second Edition Family History book.

There is significant data in the History Data base beyond what is showing on this website. Site will be updated soon?


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James Richard Lauffer Sr. (Jim)



Created 3 Mar 2004 with RootsMagic. This genealogy research is now being maintained  with Legacy Family Tree.
Web site was Revised 11 May 2023
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Copyright Notice: All data contained in the Lauffer.US web site, including the linked images, is copyright protected.  This data may be copied by individuals for personal use but is restricted from commercializing unless permission is granted in writing by a Lauffer History Publishing Committee representative.
Lauffer History Committee
James R. Lauffer Sr.               - California -        Chairman
Peggy Anthony/Snyder/Lauffer - Pennsylvania -   Chief Editor, Historian We lost Peggy in 2015. Peggy held the research and the Reunions
                                                                                                                  She Is Missed!
Shirley Gosnell/Lauffer            - Arizona -           Editor, Historian
Frank Lauffer                        -  New York -       Editor
Barbara Bua/Loffer                 - California -        Editor
Patty Harmon/Loffer               - California -        Editor We lost Patty in 2011. We appreciate all the work she did! She is truly missed!                                                                 
Sara Hill/Allanson/Lauffer         - Mississippi -      Editor                                      




Christian Lauffer Genealogy Study



    Christian Lauffer, 1723 – 1796, immigrated to America from Germany around 1730.  Christian is known to many of us in the Lauffer line as Christian “The Pioneer”.  This Lauffer Family database goes back to Ludwig Fischer, the Great Grandfather of Christian through his Grandmother on Christian’s father’s side, and to Joseph Pfeifer, through his Grandmother on Christian’s mother’s side.

Christian Lauffer is the 5th Great Grandfather of this Genealogy’s author, James R. Lauffer Sr.


    This genealogy study began with the information contained in the LAUFFER HISTORY book published in 1906 and co-authored by my Great Grandfather, Henry Z. Lauffer.


    As shown in the Surnames List, it has been found that there are several related Lauffer family lines with different spellings of the Lauffer family name.  This is in addition to the many thousand family surnames from the daughter lines.


    Even though the information in this site has been researched and cross checked, the database remains in development and has unresolved links and probable errors in some of the information.  Research inputs from other family lines are identifying information conflicts. These conflicts will be worked and the best available information will be incorporated into the data. As you view this site and see known errors or missing information, please contact me and provide your corrections.  I would appreciate any inputs along with your source information.  Of most importance, if your family line is not included in this information, please send me your information.  The plans are to republish the Lauffer History towards the end of 2009, over 100 years after the first Lauffer History publication.  Make yourself and your family line part of this history!  Contact me for details on how to provide your information.


Hope the information in this site is of interest to you.  If your line is not listed in the Surname section, please contribute to the Family History.


Jim Lauffer