Christian’s Head Stone Dedication


Christian’s Head stone ended up not being dedicated until 2004 an agreeable place to put the stone could not be found.


Allen Mochnick arraigned with the Denmark Manor cemetery association for the use of a small plot to place the stone. Allen has five generations of grandfathers in this cemetery. This spot was right beside Christian's son, John and his grandson, John.  It was disappointing that the stone couldn't be placed where Christian was actually buried but this place is extremely appropriate. 


The reason that Christian's Head Stone could not be placed in the Old Bash Cemetery is that it is not being kept up.  We have talked about this at the reunion and there isn't anyone that will help with the clean up and upkeep. The boy scouts did come in for a couple of years to clear it but then they stopped doing it too.  The Bash Cemetery is so grown up that you can't even tell there is a cemetery there. Unfortunately, Christian and his wife, Sussanah, Henry Lauffer, the son of Christian and his wife, Barbara are still in that cemetery.  There are some Bashes in there too.  That is a line that a Lauffer daughter married into.


The following are some photos of the head stone dedication.  Click on "Head Stone Dedication Photos" to view photos then click on "Text" to get back to this page:


Head Stone Dedication Photos


A description of the dedication photos from left to right in Index:

1)Christian Lauffer’s new head stone;  2) The Rev. Meredith Hutchison, current minister of Denmark Manor UCC,  and Wilson Brown, Sandi's father, in the background;  3) Sandi Davis and Allen Mochnick whose efforts led to putting the stone in this cemetery; 4) Kevin Lauffer, Gerald Lauffer, Kevin’s father, and Tosha and Katrina Lauffer, adopted daughters of Kevin. 5) New part of Woodlawn Cemetery from Christian's stone.


Much information on the Lauffer family line has been collected from previous reunions and will be added to this genealogy study on Christian’s family.  If you have any interest in the Christian Lauffer family line, please make plans to attend next year’s Lauffer Family Reunion. 


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