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                                  THE BARTOL LAFFER BRANCH.


From wills of Northampton Co., the will of Philip Drumm, yoeman, of Moore Twp., probated Nov, 22, 1788, we learn that his daughter, Mary Angle, was the wife of Bartol Lawfer. Also that Simon, husband of Susanna Laffer, was the son of this Philip Drumm. Father Drumm lies buried near the stump of a big chestnut tree along the fence to the right of Old Stone Church, three miles north of Seigfrieds, Pa.


Heir ruhen die Gebiene der Philip Drumm. Er war geboren den 27, Sept. 1721, und entschlief den 14 Nov. 1788.  Text war Luc 2 vers 29.


In the year 1889, about, Peter Piper, (an extensive traveler, formerly of Greensburg), after a long journey through the west, visited Hezekiah Waugaman. He told them that in California he had met a very intelligent fellow by the name of Laffer, who said that he was a descendant of Bartol Laffer, of Greensburg, and that Bartol had built the first brick house in that town.


As proprietor of the saw mill and grist mill, and hotel property, besides his real estate dealings, Bartol lived a very busy and useful life in Greensburg. His son Peter was a steam boat pilot, and was blown up in an explosion on the Ohio River shortly after the War of 1812.


Another son of Barthol was Judge in Canton Co., Ohio. Simon Lauffer, of Irwin, met Rev. P. A. Lauffer, of Meadville, and tells us he is a grandson of Bartol, and served for some years as President of Allegheny College. Dr. Cornelius C. Laffer, of Meadville, is of the Bartol Laffer family, and a son of P. A. Laffer.


Philip A. Laffer was born Sept. 30, 1837, (died Dec. 4, 1884), married July 24, 1862 to Ellen Weir Callender by Rev. Samuel N. Callender. Address Meadville, Pa. Five children.  (I) Norma Callender Laffer born Nov. 16, I863. Died Aug. 1, 1864.  Interred at Meadville, Pa. (2) Philip Ernest Laffer


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born Aug. 29, 1865, married Oct. 1, 1891 to Blanche Davenport. Address, Parkersburg, W. Va. (3) Cornelius Callender Laffer, born Sept. 10, 1867, married Sept.1, 1896, to Gertrude Sackett, by Rev. Austin M. Courtenay. Address, Meadville, Pa. Three children.


(a) Frederick Sackett Laffer, born Aug. 27, 1897.

(b) Cornelius C. Laffer, Jr., born Mar. 3rd, 1899.

(c) Ellen Elizabeth Laffer, born Aug. 5, I902.

(4) Mary Evalyn Laffer, born Feb. 28, 1871. Address, Meadville, Pa.

(5) Ellen Elizabeth Laffer, born Oct. 26, 1875, married Dec. 28, 1899, to Herman R. Hogg. Address, Parkersburg, W. Va.


Bartol also had daughters, and a son Henry. The latter moved to Tuscarora, near Philadelphia. The source of our information is this: In the fall of 1824 John Lauffer, Jr., of Harrison City, the centenarian, and Frederick Steck, the father of Daniel Steck, a former sheriff of Westmoreland Co., went afoot to Philadelphia with a drove of 170 cattle that were purchased in the Manor Valley at from $10 to $12 per head.


It took five weeks to make the trip. John Lauffer, Jr., on this trip visited Henry, the son of Bartol, and saw his sons and daughters. His descendants no doubt are extant somewhere, and it is sincerely hoped that their family records have been kept carefully, and may some day be annexed to ours.


We do not know the year Bartol left Greensburg to go into Ohio, but the venerable John Lauffer tells us, he went with the great stream of migration of 1812.


From the records of Westmoreland County we glean the following entries:


1. Bartel Lafer from Christian Lafer, Vol. I, p. 426: 20 May, 1785. Both of Mt. Pleasant Twp., Westmoreland Co., 200 A. "on the waters of the Sewickley" for £450.


2. Bartel Lafer from Peter Cook, Vol. D, 1,. 430 : Jan., 1791. £170 for 1-3 of the tract in Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., known as "Cookery, Patent Book No. 12, p. 501 ," 801/2 acres.

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3. Bartel Laffer from Robert Ralston. Vol. 2, p. 490: 3 Oct., 1796.


4. Bartel Laffer from Thomas Gilbert, Vol. 2, p. 492: 30 Oct., 1796


5. Bartel Laffer from Margaret Wigton, Vol. 2, p. 506: 30 Oct., 1796.


6. Bartel Laffer from Andrew McCleu. Vol. 2, p. 508. 30 Sept., 1796.


7. Bartel Laffer from Isaac James. Vol. 2, p. 507: 3 Oct., 1796.


8. Bartel Laffer from Henry Bareley Vol. 2, p. 558: 3 Oct., 1796.


9. Bartel Laffer from Alexander Bears, Vol. 2, p. 560: 19 May, 1796.


10. Bartel Laffer from William Smith; Vol. 2, p. 592: 3 Oct., 1796.


11. Bartel Laffer from Andrew Robinson, Vol. 2, p. 615: 3 Oct., 1796.


The early land deals of John Laffer, Sr., and John Laffer, Jr., and John Lauffer, son of Henry, Sr., are appended :-


1. John Laffer from Bartel Laffer. Vol. 2, p. 159: 3, Apr., 1795. .


Both resided in the town of Greensburg at the date of this entry. For £300 a tract containing 100 A. "and all allowance of six per cent. for woods and  highways" is deeded over; Bartel Laffer transfers to the said John Laffer the woods, water courses, (dam, race, etc.), buildings, mills, and premises, and the said Bartel Laffer for him and his heirs doth warrant and defend the land and saw mill as aforesaid. This deed is of interest, showing that John sawed lumber for  building the town, when Bartol became tavern keeper. Greensburg being a town "on the pike" where stages stopped en route for Pittsburgh and the west.


Vol. D, p. 435, shows that this land was conveyed to Bartol Laffer 5 May, 1791, by Christopher Truby and Isabella, his wife ; and that the land was "a tract of land called Seat of Justice,"

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granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Col. Christopher Truby, Esqr., 25 Aug., 1790.


2. John Laffer from Alex. Cohean. Vol. 7, p. 603 : 18 Mar., 1806.

3. John Laffer from Henry Laffer, Vol. 9, p. 261 : 13 Apr., 1811.

4. John Laffer from John Mellon, Vol. 16, p. 431: 3 Apr., 1826.

5. John Laffer from Philip Steinmate, Vol. 16, p. 455: 3 Jan., 1827.

6. John Laffer from A. W. Foster, Vol. I8, p. 413: 24 May, 1830.

7. John Laffer from Eliz. Long. Vol. 18, p. 414: 30 Apr., 1829.

8. John Laffer, Jr., from Aaron Teegarden's heirs. Vol. 20, p. 382 : 8 Apr., 1833.

9. John Laffer from Philip Stemity. Vol. 29, p. 6: 17 Oct., 1837.

10. John Lauffer from Henry Lauffer. Vol. 29, p. 355: 23 Apr., 1847.

11. John Lauffer from Henry Lauffer. Vol. 41, p. 96: 2 Apt., 1850.

12. John Lauffer et al., Trust from Susan Suetler. Vol. 43, p. 630 : 23 Mar., 1856.

13. John Lauffer et al., Trust from Elizabeth Dick. Vol. 43, p. 632: 21 Nov., 1856.

14. John Lauffer from Seth Lauffer. Vol. 42, p. 471 : 30 Dec., 1850.

15. John Lauffer from David Anderson. Vol. 50, p. 429: 1 Apr., 1864.


For the interest of those concerned in titles to land we append the following list, before 1860; Henry, Sr., Henry, Jr., and Henry Paul, son of the centenarian, are included :


1. Henry Laffer from Jacob Christman. Vol. 9, p. 262: 15 April, 1811. Both of Mt. Pleasant Tp. Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Christman, was the daughter of Christian, the Pioneer-one of the five daughters mentioned in our introduction.


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“Whereas the Honorable John Penn and Richard Penn, by their attorney John B. Coates by their indenture bearing date of 24 Feb., 1806. did grant and confirm unto the said Jacob Christman his heirs and assigns a certain tract of  land situated in Mt. Pleasant Tp., Co. of Westmoreland, containing 135 1/4 A. Vol. 7, p. 598.


Now this indenture WITNESSETH : 'That the said Jacob Christman and Elizabeth his wife for and in consideration of £37. 4. S. paid to them by Henry  Laffer, for which the receipt whereof is hereby fully acknowledged, Do grant--31 A. of said tract bounded by lands of Adam Hartzell .& etc. To have and to hold–


2. Henry Laffer from David Silvies. Vol. 16, p. 41 : 5 Jan., 1813.


3. Henry Laffer from Jacob Baum. Vol. 25, p. 26: 15 Nov., 1839.


4. Henry Lauffer from Henry Lauffer’s heirs. Vol. 29, p. 355 : 23 Apr., 1847.


5. Henry Lauffer from Christian Pore. Vol. 34, p. 443: 3 Feb., 1852.


6. Henry Lauffer from John Ygest, Vol. 6, p. 524: June, 1853.


7. Henry Lauffer from Joseph Baum. Vol. 40, p. 48; 288 Nov., 1844.


8. Henry Lauffer from John Williams. Vol. 40, p. 49: 9 June, 1843.


9. H. P. Lauffer from Steven Ridinger, Vol. 40, p. 531 : 7 Mar., 1857. Vol. 40, p. 531 : 7 Mar., 1857.


10. H. P. Lauffer from F. G. Oxley, Vol. 43, p. 411: 16 Aug., 1854.


For reference on the part of such as are interested in early real estate deals recorded in the Register of Deeds office in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., Pa., we append the following :-


1. Christian Laffer from John Montgomery. Vol. D, p. 164: 17 Sept.. 1789.


Christian, of Westmoreland Co., millwright, for £260 buys


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two tracts of land of John Montgomery, of Carlisle. 203 A. 80 P., in Salem Twp., and 280 acres on the Kiskiminetas River.


2. Christian Laffer from Bartol Laffer. Vol. 2, p. 506: 20 Jan., 1796. 5 acres in Hempfield Twp.

3. Christian Laffer from Adam Laffer. Vol. 8, p. 526 : 20 Feb., 1798.


Adam, of Allegheny Co., Christian, of Franklin Tp., Westmoreland County, situated on south side of Crooked Creek, for £135. (This Adam is a son of Christian, the Pioneer). The land in question-389 1/2 A. in Armstrong Tp., was purchased for £190 of Matthew McDonnell, of Derry Tp., Westmoreland Co., at  the time Adam resided in Greensburg. 22 Dec., 1796 : Vol. 8, p. 525.


4. Christian Laffer from John Penn. Vol. 9, p. 434: & Nov., 1811.


John Penn, Sr., through his attorneys, John R. Coates and  John B. Alexander, "acknowledges satisfaction on the margin of the record of a certain mortgage from Christian Laffer to the said John Penn and John Penn, Sr., the principal and interest money secured to them by the said mortgage having been  paid to me, the said John R. Coates."


So many tempting tracts of choice land, led them to incur debt, in their deals: the early Laffers were land sharks, and their holdings will show that they recognized good land when they saw it. (About this time Christian, son of Christian, moved to Ohio, and Christian, son of John, Sr., son of Christian, the  Pioneer, dealt in land).


5. Christian Laffer from David Gilleland. Vol. 24, p. 273: 10 Apr., 1837.

6. Christian Laffer from George Ambrose. Vol. 26, p. 30: 24 May, 1841.

7. Christian Lafter from Samuel F. Earnest. Vol. 42, p. 98: 13 July, 1858.

8. Christian Laffer from Jos. Knappenberger. Vol. 45, p. 270: 22 Mar., 1841.

9. Christian Laffer from H. M. Robertson. Vol. 45, p. 272: 16 Mar. 1860.


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10. Christian Laffer from John Laffer. Vol. 65, p. 393: 31 Jan., 1828.

11. Christian Laffer from George Detes. Vol. 147, p. 433: 7 Apr., 1842.

12. Christian Laffer from John Kistler. Vol. 147, p. 435: 24 Apr., 1841.