Bash Cemetery Restoration Project

We need your continued help!

As many of you may have seen , the resting place for several of our ancestors is now being maintained from being in disrepair. Recent restoration cleared the brambles covering the grave sites and has opened the cemetery view. The vegetation is being controlled. There is still work to do to maintain and continually improve the cemetery. Additional clearing of the grounds and properly resetting the head stones continues. This continued restoration and maintenance requires funding.

In 2009 - Richard Ashmun's organization, General Arthur St. Clair Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution Society in Greensburg, along with a Boy Scout working on his Eagle Scout Award, cleared the Cemetery area of the heavy over growth and uprighted fallen stones. This local help, along with family volunteers kept the cemetery from being plowed over as has so many other family plots in the area.  At the 2010 reunion, it was decided to hire a professional grounds keeper and restoration specialist to get things back to a serviceable condition, and to maintain the grounds. This is providing a quite and historic place for family to visit and pay respect to our ancestors who built this part of the country with their hands and hard work. We have plans to clear a road beside the cemetery to provide safer access, and to erect signs to identify the Bash Cemetery.

Shirley Gosnell has opened an account to receive donations for this project. She also has a P.O. Box to accept your contributions by mail. All monies need to be sent by check or money order.  Please do not send cash. We have verified that this project does not qualify for a charitable donation. Please send in what you can to help preserve what is left of an important part of our heritage. For accounting control, we have a check and balance in place with Jim Lauffer Sr. on the account and full balance management by the Reunion Treasurer.

Send your donation to:

Shirley Gosnell

P.O. Box 90623

Tucson, AZ 85742

Make checks payable to Shirley Gosnell and reference the

Cemetery Restoration Project

Restoration funds will be issued from the account to pay invoices for work performed. An accounting of all funds received and spent will be posted on this website. Photos will be posted showing the project's progress. The following is the approximate account balance to-date. 

$2657.04 as of September 21, 2013

Part of this fund will be used for the 2014 Reunion expenses

We have received very generous donations and want to thank all of you who have contributed to this important project! There has been much work accomplished from your donations. There is much to do, and we always can use continual maintenance funding. Please keep your pocket books open.

Jim Lauffer Sr.