Genealogy Data Format Standards for Information Sharing


With the wealth of family history data being submitted to this site for sharing, it has become necessary to request a standard data format.  Many thanks to those who have submitted data, and to those who have data in work. By using a standard format, the effort to import and reconcile information will be significantly reduced.  your help with this is appreciated.

Name Format

Title, First , Middle, Last (surname), Jr, Sr, III, etc, Nickname

For females be sure to use the maiden name .  If married, include the spouse's full name.  Do not include the married name as part of the females surname.

Date Format

Day, month, year.  Please spell out the month to avoid confusion. e.g., 21 JAN 1923.

It is difficult to figure out some dates, e.g., 2/3/23 can be 2 March 1923, 2 March 1823, 3 February 1923, etc.

Please include full dates, where available, for birth, marriage, death, burial, and any other applicable event date.  Also include information such as places for each event.  Some people have been including cause of death which is useful for family line tracking.

Note that the birth date for living individuals will be posted on the web site as the birth year only.

Information on education, career, military service, hobbies, etc, is always an interesting addition.

Notes on the individual with special stories related to their lives are very important to generations to come.  Names and dates can get a bit boring after awhile. The stories will go on as living information.

Standard GEDCOM formats are welcome as well as Family Group Sheets such as the following form:

Thanks for all your help in getting our family history documented!