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                           THE JOHN LAUFFER BRANCH.



John Lauffer, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born March 8, 1769, in Northampton Co., Pa., and was a boy of five years when his father migrated into Westmoreland Co. In the year 1794 he moved on a tract of land north of Harrison City, a portion of which has since been known as the Hezekiah Waugaman farm. We have inserted a few more of the Lauffer land deals, as contained in the records of Westmoreland Co., Greensburg, Pa., as suggestive of the business enterprise of, the early Lauffers in Westmoreland County.


His tombstone in the Denmark Manor Cemetery, Penn Tp., Westmoreland Co., bears this inscription: In memory of John Lauffer, Sr., died Feb. 18, 1851. Aged 81 years, 11 months, 10 days.


John Lauffer, Sr., was a very careful man in the matter of keeping an accurate family record. In his huge German Bible with its wooden lids covered with leather, he jotted down the dates of birth of his children as they were born. His estate was settled in 1856 after the death of his wife Barbara in 1855. Geo. Ashbaugh, son-in-law, and his son, Christian, were the executors.  The whereabouts of that old Bible the descendants of neither Christian Lauffer nor George Ashbaugh can inform us. This old Bible may be no longer in existence. It simply shows the necessity of the publication of some such history as this to keep old records together, if we are to know in the later times, just Who-is-Who in the great Lauffer family.


John Lauffer, Sr., was the father of fourteen children.


Born of Susanna, nee Kemerer, first wife of John, Sr., who died Nov. 11, 1815, aged 41 years.


1. Elizabeth.

2. Susanna

3. Mary

4. Christian

5. Daniel


30.                                     THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



6. John, Jr.

7. Simeon

8. Seth

9. Hettie

10. Henry

11. Jacob

12. Sarah


Born of Barbara, nee Erret, second wife of John, Sr. 


13. Hannah

14. Catherine


Elizabeth Lauffer, daughter of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born in 1795 and died in Sept. 1843. She was married in June, 1823, to Henry Beamer, Sr., who died Dec 17, 1856, in the sixty-second year of his age. Both are interred at the Beamer church, now called Olive, near Murraysville. They lived along Puckety Run in Franklin Tp. on the present Elwood farm. To them were born seven children.


I. John Beamer, son of Elizabeth Lauffer, daughter of John, Sr., son of Christian, the pioneer, was horn Dec. 3, 1824. Married April 5, 1845, to Nancy Rubright (born Dec. 10, 1818), by Rev. Voigt. Both are in good health and live at West Newton, Pa. He is a carpenter and still works at his trade. To them were born five children. ( 1.) Catherine E. Beamer, born Dec. 31, 1848, married Oct. 28, 1873, to H. H. Silvis, 6745 Atwell St., E. E. Pittsburg, Pa. (2.) Mary Beamer, born Aug 6, 1850, married March 20, 1873, to John Silcox, 129 E. Peach St., Connellsville, Pa. To them were born (a) Frank C. Silcox, April 13, 1874, married Feb. 25, 1898, to Margaret Smith, P. 0. Dunbar, Pa. (b) Edward H. Silcox, born Feb. 13, 1876. (c). Albert S. Silcox, born June 30, 1877, married March 6, 1900, to Blanch Renner, to whom were born Sophia Irene Silcox Nov. 29, 1903, John Gilbert Silcox, Apr. 28, 1901,. (d) Lucy M. Silcox, born Sept. 24, 1880. (e) Oliver H. Silcox born Apr. 21, 1882. (f) Susannah M. Silcox, born Nov. 5, 1884. (3) Nancy J. Beamer, born May 9, 1854, married Apr. 4, 1872, to Thomas Rohland. Died Sept 29, 1899. To them were born (a) Mary Crowshore Rohland Sept. 20, 1873, married Oct. 2, 1900, to







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Jonas Miller, of Toronto, Ohio. (b) Margaret Christiana Rohland, born July 16, 1875, married Oct. lo, 1899, to Cyrus Markle, of Greensburg, Pa., by Rev. E. K. Bailey, to whom were born Mary Jane Markle, May 24, 1900, Margaret Anne Markle May 30, 1903. ( c ) George C. Rohland, born Nov. 25, 1877, married Oct. 21, 193, to Olga E. Johnson, P. 0. West Newton, Pa. (d) Thomas J.  Rohland, born June 4, 1882, P. 0. West Newton, Pa. (4) Susannah C. Beamer, born Oct. 31, 1855, married Dec. 25, 1888, to W. P. Warrick, of West Newton, Pa. (5) Barbara Ellen Beamer, born June 17, 1859 ; married June 11, 1877, to E.  C. Oliver, of West Newton, Pa. To them were born (a) Lou Ella Oliver, May 8, 1878 ; married May 8, 1900, to George Mahar, of Donora, Pa. To them was born John Oliver Mahar, Sept. 2, 1902. (b) Elmer Soles Beamer Oliver, ,born Jan. 19, 1880, Charleroi, Pa. (c) Edgar Clarence Oliver, March 30, 1882, West Newton, Pa.


II. Henry Beamer, second son of Elizabeth Lauffer was born Aug. 29, 1826. Married Aug. 29, 1852, to Juliana Maria Burger. They celebrated their Golden Wedding Aug. 29, 1902. He was a merchant until 1863, when he moved on his present farm in Penn Tp., north of Harrison City. To them were born (I) Josephine Louisa Reamer, born June 2, 1855 ; married June 27, 1872, to H. A. Lauffer, a son of Jacob F., a son of Henry, Jr., son of Henry, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer. Four children. Infant son, Charles A., Maude J. S., Raymond A. (2.) Margaret Elizabeth Beamer, born March 30, 1857. (3.) Annetta Clarissa Beamer, born Nov. 19, 1859; married March 11, 1879, to Elijah Kemerer, of Turtle Creek, Pa. To them were born Henry J. Kemerer, who died Aug. 22, 1903, aged 20 years, and 9 months. Grace Julia Kemerer, born Feb. I, 1885, Eva Zuella Kemerer, born May 6, 1887. (4) Henry George Beamer, born Sept. 17, 1863, married Dec. 24, 1896, to Mary Wagoner, P. 0. Manor, Pa. To them were born Russell Wagner Beamer, Nov. 29, 1897. Henry George Beamer, born July 28, 1893. Ruth Julian Beamer, born Aug. I, 1402. Mary Elizabeth Beamer, born Jan. 7, 1904. 


111. Seth Beamer, son of Elizabeth Lauffer, daughter of John Sr., son of Christian, the pioneer, was born July 5, 1825.

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Married to Maria Ludwick. His widow lives near Sardis, Pa.  To them were born five children. Joseph (died in 1876), William, of Apollo, Miles, Zone and Alvin Beamer. No data sent in.


IV. Jacob Beamer, fourth son of Elizabeth Lauffer, the daughter of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born March 22, 1830. Married March 22, 1853, to Susanna Brinker (born Sept. 3, 1835, died July 23, 1872) and to Mary J. Hunter, Sept. 30, 1875, (born Feb. 2, 1847). To them were born eleven children, eight by first marriage, three by the second: (I.) Emma Caroline Beamer, born Apr. 19, 1854, married July 21, 1874, to John Best of Jeannette, Pa., by Rev. W. W. Morehead. To them were born (a) Lillian Best, July 18, 1875. Married June 28, 19, to George E. Evans, 26 Meyran Ave., Allegheny, Pa., to whom were born Eleanor Rose Evans, May 20, 1902, Mildred Josephine Evans, Nov. 13, 1903. (b) Paul Kirk Best, born Feb. 22, 1880, Veteran of Spanish American War; married in 1904, to Elizabeth Mecbah. Resides in Allegheny, Pa. (c) His twin sister, Anna, died July 19, 1880, and is buried in Brush Creek cemetery. (d) Charles M. Best, born March 19, 1881. Married June 11, 1902, to Bessie Meyers. Reside in Monessen, Pa. To them was born Helen Best. (e) Philip C. Best, born June 29, 1888, died Aug. 4, 1888. (f) Melissa R. Best, born July 8, 1886 and (g) Marquis De Witt Best, born Dec. 26, 1891. (2.) Marcia Rosalia Beamer, born June 18, 1856. Married Sept. 30, 1875, to E. L. Grable, of Manor, Pa., Rev. T. F. Boyd. To them were born (a) Osman Arlington Grable, Aug. 26, 1876, (h) Cora Elvin Grable, Nov, 16, 1879. Married Dec. 21, 1904, to Homer Caldwell, of Manor, Pa., by Rev. Calhoun. (c) Alvin Clifford Grable, Aug. 23, 1888. (d) Frances Willard Grable Nov. 26, 1892. (e) Susannah Rosalia, Dec. 24, 1895. (3) Paul Brinker Beamer, born July 18, 1858, died Sept. 20, 1858. (4.) Ellen Melissa Beamer, born June 11, 1860, married to J. S. Best, now deceased. She resides at 6230 Station SQ., E. E., Pittsburg, Pa. One daughter, S. Pearl Best, born July 18, 1886. ( 5 ) Asaph Tyng Beamer,  born Oct. 31, 1862. Married to Anna Augusta Ekas, now deceased.  He died Nov. 4, 1896. Both are interred at Brush

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 Creek. (6) William Spurgeon Beamer, born Sgt. 25, 1865. Married to Annetta Cochran. One daughter, Pauline. Resides in Apollo, Pa. (7) Clara Pumilla Beamer, born June 22, 1868; married March 25, 1886, to William F. Brinker, of Manor, Pa., by Rev. Moorehead. To them were born Curtis M., June 8, 1887, Lucy F., Jan. 30, 1889, Pauline L., Dec. 14, 1892, Vivian M., Apr. 26, 1895, Clara, May 8, 1896. (8) John Franklin Beamer, born July 20, 1872, died Sept. 5, 1872. (9) Lillie May Beamer, born Nov. 2, 1877. Died Mar. 2, 1885. (10) James Hunter Beamer, of Monessen, Pa., born Sept. 9, 1880, married to Alice Reppert;

to them were born James Reppert Beamer and Elizabeth Jane Beamer. (11) Mary Belle Beamer, born Feb. 21, 1887, Manor, Pa.


V. Michael Beamer, fifth son of Elizabeth, was born Jan. 19, 1832; married Sept. 12, 1854, to Susannah Ludwick (born Apr. 24, 1874, died Jan. 20, 1857), and Jan. 26, 1858, to Margaret Burger (born March 27, 1838) by the Rev. N. P. Hacke. One child by first marriage, three by the second: (I) James A. Beamer, born July 10, 1855; married in the spring of 1879 to Sarah Lauffer, daughter of Jacob F., of the Henry Lauffer branch. Two daughters, Blanche and Margaret. P.  0. Tyrone,  Pa. (2) Alice Almyra Beamer, born June 6, 1859. Died July 14, 1862. (3) William John Beamer, born Feb. 23, 1862. Married in the fall of 1884 to Lulu Loughner. Two children, Lucy and Paul. He is associated with his father in the Beamer Handle Company, of Manor, Pa. (4) Charles Levan Beamer, born July 26, 1870. Died July 18, 1872.


VI. Sarah Beamer, born May 17, 1834. Married Oct. 12, 1854, to Andrew J. Silvis, (born 1827, died 1857) by Rev. N. P. Hacke and Nov. 8, 1859, to Adam Drake (born 1535) by Rev. J. Dallas. One son, Albert J. Silvis, born Mar. 14, 1856, died at the age of 14 years, 8 months and 11 days.


VII. Susanna Beamer, youngest daughter of Catherine Lauffer, died in  Oct. 1843, aged three years and three months.


2. Susannah Lauffer, daughter of John Lauffer, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born in 1796, married in 1823 to

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William Shumaker, of Arona, Pa., and died in 1844. To them were born six  children.


I. John Shumaker, born 1824; died 1873. Buried at Seanor's  cemetery. Single.


II. Catherine Shumaker, daughter of Susanna Lauffer, daughter of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born in 1825, married in 1845, to Conrad Bossart by Rev. Michael Steck. Resides at Arona, Pa. To them were born six children.  (I) Mary Bossart, born Nov. 29, 1846. Married May 3, 1864, to Michael Earhart (born Jan. 29, 1839). To them were born 15 children. (a) Alice C. Earhart, born Mar. 30, 1865, married Oct. 2, 1884, to Edward F. Errett, of Arona, Pa., to whom are born seven children. Newton Errett, Sept. 25, 1885 ; Lizzie M.

Errett, July 5. 1887: Bessie M. Errett, March 13, 1889; James F. Errett, July 13, 1892: Willie B. Errett, Dec. 13, 1897; infant son, Nov. 17, died Nov. 20, 1899 Harrold's Hill church; Walter F. Errett, Nov. 15, 1901. (b) Emma I. Earhart, born Apr. 22, 1866, married Jan. 14, 1886, to Alexander T. Long. (c) Mary E. Earhart, born Dec. 13, 1867, married Dec. 27, 1883, Geo. P. Thompson. (d) Edward G.  Earhart, born Nov. 10, .1869, married Apr. 22, 1896, to Emma Shulty. (e) William

C. Earhart, born Nov. 10, 1869. (f) Franklin M. Earhart, born Oct. 30, 1872. (g) Dora A. Earhart, born June 4, 1873, married May 23, 1895, to Frank Earhart. (h) Michael M. Earhart, born Feb. 26, 1875, died in infancy. (i) Minnie L. Earhart, born Mar. 11, 1876, married May 3, 1899, to Harry McNelly. (j), Agnes Roburta Earhart, born Mar. 14, 1878, married Aug. 14, 1903, to Samuel C. Ruff. Resides at Madison, Pa., and has three children: Lillian A. Ruff, born Sept. 4, IF, Sara A. Ruff, born June 19, 1902, Beatrice Ruff, born July 25, 1904. (k) John D. Earhart, born May g, 1880. (1) Ezra M. M. Earhart, born Feb. Q, 1882. (m) Tressa M. Earhart, born July 27, 1885, married June 23, 1903, to Samuel G. Gettemy, of South Greensburg, Pa., to whom was born Mary C. Gettemy, Dec. 10, 1904. (n) Sara E. Earhart, born Jan. 13, 1887. (0) James F. Earhart, born Aug. 6, 1891. (No data of other grandchildren received.) (2) George 0. Bossart, born May 23, 1848. Married in 1867 to Mary Myers by Jonas Meckling and in 1872 to


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Agnus Kuhns, by David Shearer; to them were born eleven children: (a) Mary Elizabeth, born Jan. 18, 1869, married June 13. 1893 to H. M. Highburger, of West Newton, Pa., to whom were born infant son, March 15, died March 27, 1896; Florence M. Highburger, Nov. 30, 1897; William R. Highburger, Dec. 23, 1899; George Highburger, Oct. 20, 1903. (b) Noris Logan Bossart, born July 18, 1873; married to Sue Irene Allshouse, lives in Adamsburg, Pa. (c) Cora Catherine Bossart, born June 19, 1876, married to George Carn, of Arona. (d)  Leah Agmus Bossart, born Dec. 1, 1877, married to N. O. Shupe, of  Madison, Pa. (e) Emma Grace Bossart, born Oct. 3, 1879, married to Louis Hax, of Turtle Creek, Pa. (f) Lucretia Garfield Bossart, born Aug. 6, 1881. (g) George Wagoner Bossart, born Feb. 7, 1883. (h) Ruphus Philemon Bossart, born May 7, 1885. (i) William Kuhns Bossart, born Oct. 25, 1887. (j) Clara Helen Bossart, born July 11, 1892. (k) Paul Orner Bossart, born Jan. 7, 1896. (3) William Bossart was born in 1850. lives at Arona, Pa., and has six children, No report. (4) Catherine Bossart, the fourth of Catharine's children, was born in 1854 and died in 1902. She like  Leah and Elizabeth, is interred at Brush Creek. She was married first in May, 1874, to J. W. Miller, of Arona, to whom she had three children, and on Feb. 10, 1884, was married to G. W. Miller, to whom she had five children. (a) Irwin C.  Miller, born Sept. 28, 1865. (b) Mary E. Miller, born May 5, 1878. (c) Clifford E.  Miller, born Apr. 22, 1880. (d) Alva L. F. Miller, born Dec. 7, 1584. (e) Wade H. Miller, born Dec. 22, 1888. ( f ) Ira Minta M. Miller, born Mar. 18, 1891. (g) Geo.  W. Miller, born May 10, 1893. (h) Leon S. Miller, born June 4, 1895. (5) Leah Bossart, born 1852, died 1878 single. (6) Elizabeth, born 1856, died 1862.


111. William Shumaker, third child of Susannah Lauffer, has a son, Arthur, in Pittsburg, Pa., and a son Frank, at Arona, Pa., from whom we received no data. William Shumaker was born in 1828, died in 1894. Is buried at Seanor's.


IV. Simeon Shumaker was born in 1830.


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V. Jacob Shumaker was born in 1832. Died in 1865. Buried of Seanor's.


VI. Joseph Shumaker born 1834. Died 1873. Buried at Seanor's. Two sons in Arona, William and Cyrus, from whom we received no report.


3. Mary Lauffer, daughter of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Apr. 9, 1798, married Oct. 19, 1820, to Gorge Ashbaugh by the Rev. N. P. Hacke. (He  and Christian Lauffer as before stated were the executors of the John Lauffer, Sr., estate.) To them were born eleven children. I. Samuel Ashbaugh, son of Mary Lauffer, was born July 21, 1821.  Whereabouts not known.  II. George Ashbaugh, born Dec. 14, 1823. Married May 14, 1846, to Charlotte McMasters. (Born Apr. 30, 1828, died Dec. 23, 1899. Interred at Long Run Cemetery.) He died Jan. 14, 1850, and is interred at the Denmark Manor Cemetery. To them were born two children:  (I.) Mary Eliza Ashbaugh, born March 30, 1847. Married Nov. 26, 1863, to Jacob Hershey. Died March 25, 1880. Interred at Long Run Cemetery. To this marriage seven children were born: (a) Ida May Hershey, born Apr. 27, 1865.  married June 16, 1892, to Chas Vial, of  Braddock, Pa., whose family consists of John Clinton Vial, born June 21, 1896, Edna .May Vial, born Sept. 22, 1898, (Chas. Allen Vial, born Feb. 14, 1904. (b) George H. Hershey, born March 10, 1867, married Feb. 27, 1871, to Katy New. They reside in Pittsburg, Pa. (c) Charles R. Hershey, born Feb. 18, 1869, died Nov. 3, 1881. Interred at Long Run. (d) Frank B. Hershey, born Feb. 17, 1871, married Oct. 21, 1897, to Evelyn Detrick by Rev. D. A. Souders. To them were born Ruth Eleanor Hershey, Sept. 1, 1900, Mildred Evelyn Hershey, June 24, 1904. (e) John C. Hershey, born Feb. 19th, 1873, married in June 1900, to Lana

Hammerly. Resides in Braddock, Pa. (f) Maggie Oskin Hershey, born Dec. 25, 1875, and married Dec. 7, 1895, to Thomas Hutchinson, of Irwin, Pa., by Rev. D. A. Souders, to whom were born Jacob C. Hutchinson, June 19, 1897, Mary E. Hutchinson, March 23, 1900. (.g) Wilbur Forde Hershey, born May 29, 1877, married Oct. 10, 1900, to Linnie Daugherty, of Irwin,







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Pa., by Rev. D. A. Souders. (2) Margaret A. Ashbaugh, born Sept. 21, 1850, married Feb. 17, 1870, to William Oskin, 1 Moody St., Braddock Pa., by Rev. Barclay. To them were born five children: (a) Edward L. Oskin, born Jan. 9, 1871. (b) Charles S. Oskin, July 17, 1873, died Dec. 13, 1873. (c) Arthur H. Oskin, born Jan. 21, 1875, died Aug. 2, 1890. Both intered (sic)  at Braddock. (d) Daniel H. Oskin, born Aug. 14, 1877, married May 21, 1902, to Olive G. Harding, by Rev. William McKenna, 635 Lilly Ave., Braddock. (e) Clyde H. Oskin, born Nov. 10, 1885.


111, John Ashbaugh, son of Mary Lauffer, was born Dec. 20, 1823, married Dec. 14, 1848, to Catharine Hill (born May 29, 1828, died June 3, 1878, interred at Olive church.) by Rev. N. P. Hacke. He died Feb. I, 1882, and is interred at Brush Creek. He was the father of eight children. (I) George Ashbaugh, born Dec. 1, 1849, died Apr. 12, 1852, interred at Olive church (2) Henry Ashbaugh, of Export, Pa. (3) Sarah A. Ashbaugh, born June 23, 1854, married in 1871 to Josiah Martz of Sardis, Pa. (Josiah Martz was born Aug. 16,  1848, and is the father of nine children:) (a) Minnie M. Martz, born Apr. 10, 1874, married Feb. 21, 1900, to Hugh McWilliams, of Turtle Creek, Pa., by Rev. T. R. Dietz. Two children, Wayne Martz .McWilliams, born 1900, infant daughter born 1905. (b) Clyde C. Martz, born Dec. 13, 1876. (c) Idella I. Martz, born May 4, 1879, died Sept. 25, 1897. (d) Lizzie L. Martz, born Mar. 20, 1881. (e) Nettie P.  Martz, born Apr. 7, 1884, married Nov. 5, 1902, to Benjamin Walker, Turtle Creek, Pa, (f) Alva R. Martz, born Feb. 6. 1886. (g) Curtis S. Martz, born Jan. 25,  1889. (h) Philip E. Martz, born June 9, 1891, (i) William W. Martz, born Aug. 22, 1895. (4) Philip H. Ashbaugh, born Apr. 5, 1856, married Mar 10, 1877, to Mary E. Davidson, by Rev. Gray. She died July 14 , 1878, and is buried at Hill's church. To them were born Mary C. Ashbaugh, Jan. 8, 1S78, died Mar. 4, 1879, also interred at Hill's. He was again married Dec. 21, 1882, to Mary E. Martz, by Rev. J. F. Snyder. (5) Mary C. Ashbaugh, born May 11, 1858, married Nov. 24, 1878, to James H. Smith by Rev. Kirk,


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Married again Oct. 23, 1890, to William H. Feightner by Rev. H. H. Boyd. P. O. Hot Springs, Garland Co., Ark. (6) Margaret A. Ashbaugh, born Oct. 13, 1860.  Died July 11, 1878. Interred at Hill's Church. (7) William J. Ashbaugh, born June 22, 1862, died Aug 17, 18gr. Interred at Greensburg, Pa. (8) Nancy O. Ashbaugh, married to Benjamin Rubright, of Export, Pa., R. F. D. 1.


IV. Annie Ashbaugh, daughter of Mary Lauffer, daughter of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Feb. 29, 1826, married Apr. 2, 1846, to Henry Good by Rev. N. P. Hacke. To them were born five children: ( I ) John Good born Jan. 20, 1847, killed in the Civil War Feb. 7, 1865. (2) Mary E. Good born Jan. 26, 1849, married Nov. 26, 1867, to Lebbeus Brinker, of Boquet, Pa., by Rev. N. P. Hacke. To them were born eight children: (a) Spurgeon A. Brinker born May 9, 1869, married Dec. 12, 1894, to Minerva R. Berlin. Resides in Export, Pa. (h) Victor I. Brinker, born Oct. 5, 1870, of Vandergrift Heights, Pa. He was married Oct. 18, 1892, to Effie Pool by Rev. Van Cleff, to whom were born Herbert J.  Brinker July I, 1894, Avard S. Brinker Apr. 10, 1897, Gladys W. Brinker Aug. 5, 1899. (c) Minnie L. Brinker born May 2, 1873, married Jan. 12, 1898, to I. E. Berlin, of Export, Pa., by Rev. J. RI. Evans. To them was born Allison J. Berlin Apr. 25, 1go3. (d) Myrtle A. Brinker, born Jan. 20, 1876, married Nov. 9, 1904, to W. H. Glunt, of Export, Pa., by Rev. J. E. Sheetz. (e) Alice 111. Brinker born Dec. 25, 1878.  Married June 18, 1903, to Howard W. Dewalt, of Claridge, Pa., by Rev. J, M. Evans. ( f ) Willis B. Brinker born June 25, 1879, of Philadelphia, Pa. (g) Paul H. Brinker born May 14, 1882, of Boquet, Pa. (h) Alpheus Carlton Brinker born Oct. 23, 1883, died July 24, 1884, interred at Denmark Manor. (3) Israel E. Good born Nov. 13, 1852, married Jan. 9, 1873, to Frances M. Wigle, for which see Christian Lauffer, 6011 of John, Sr., section. (4) Margaret A. Good born Apr. 24, 1859, married Dec. 25, 1879, to A. D. Kiester, of Carnegie, Pa., by Rev. J. F. Snyder. To them were born six children: Anna Mable Kiester, May 22, 1881, Henry Raymond Kiester, Aug. 4, 1883, died Oct. 8, 1898. Frank Clinton Kiester born Oct. 13, 1888, died July 15, 1904. Both interred at Char-

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tiers Cemetery. Alice Kiester born Dec. 9, 1890, died Mar. 2, 1891, interred at Versailles. Twins Alvin Good Kiester and Abner Alan Kiester, born April 3, 1895. (5) William J. Good born Apr. 29, 1865, married Oct. I, 1902, to Anna M. Byrely by Rev. J. M. Evans Resides at Export, Pa.


V. Joseph Ashbaugh, born May 18, 1827. Single. Date of death not known to us.


VI. David Ashbaugh, son of Mary Lauffer, daughter of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Mar. 15, 1829, died June 9, 1904. Married to Susan Hill, born May 5, 1833. P. O., Sardis, Pa. To them were born twelve children. (We corresponded, but did not secure the names of grand children.)


(1) William J. Ashbaugh born July 28, 1856, Aurora, Neb.

(2) Hiram P. Ashbaugh born Dec. 24, 1856, Aurora, Neb.

(3) Henry G. Ashbaugh, March 11, 1860, Oakmont, Pa.

(4) David F. Ashbaugh, born Oct. 15, 1861, Shenandoah, Iowa.

(5) Susan S. Ashbaugh, born Aug. 21, 1863, Natrona, Pa.

(6) Reuben C. Ashbaugh, June 17, 1865, of Shenandoah, Iowa.

(7) Lucy A. Ashbaugh, born Nov. 15, 1867, of Shenandoah, Iowa.

(8) Martin L. Ashbaugh, born Nov. 11, 1869, of Minco, Ind. Ter.

(9) Maggie E. Ashbaugh, born July I j, 1871, McKeesport Pa.

(10) Alice P. Ashbaugh, born Apr. 23, 1873. Cole, Mont.

(11) Simon P. Ashbaugh, born Apr. 11, 1875, Allegheny, Pa.

(12) James S. Ashbaugh, born Aug. 18, 1875, Sardis, Pa. In the letter that accompanies David Ashbaugh's chart, he says there are twenty-eight of the thirty-one grandchildren living.


VII. Henry Ashbaugh, son of Mary Lauffer, was born Nov. 1, 1831, died Jan. 23, 1901. Interred at Denmark Manor Cemetery. He was married to Elizabeth Good, who died Feb. 20, 1874. By this union he had twelve children. He was again married to Sarah Snyder, of Jeannette, Pa., by whom he had three children.   (1)Henry John Ashbaugh born Dec. 27, 1855, died July 3, 1859.   (2) Mary Jane Ashbaugh born Apr. 23, 1857, Married Jan. 30, 1873, to Joseph Wolfe, of Irwin, Pa. R. F. 13. To them were born six children:  (a) Sadie B. M. Wilfe, born Jan. 19, 1874, married Aug. 18, 1892, to John L. Updegraff by D.

40                                  THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



S. Ferguson. P. O., Irwin, Pa. R. F. D. Three children, Mary E. Updegraff born Mar. 16, 1893, Laura A. Updegraff Nov. 16, 1894, Viola A. Updegraff born Sept. 17, 1900. (b) Anna Laura Wolfe born Nov. 20, 1876, married to William Watson, of Wilkinsburg, Pa. (c) Joseph Roy Wolfe born Feb. I, 1886, .died Sept. 22, 1886. (d) Mary Mabel Wolfe born May 22, 1889. (e) Ida Irene Wolfe born Oct. 24, 1892. (f) Rebecca E. Wolfe born June 30, 1897. (3) George W. Ashbaugh born July 3, 1858, married Feb. 27, 1895, to Catherine Hutchinson by Rev. C. L. E. Cartwright. To them were born: Edward T. Ashbaugh Jan. 13, 1898. Mary E. Ashbaugh Feb. 2, 1902.  (4) Annie Elizabeth Ashbaugh born Oct. 30, 1859, Jeannette, Pa. ( 5 ) Sarah Ellen Ashbaugh born Apr. 3, 1861, Irwin, Pa., R. F. D. (6) Barbara Alice Ashbaugh, born Aug. 3, 1862, married to George Kunkle, of Delmont, Pa. (7) William Humes Ashbaugh born Sept. 26, 1863, Irwin, Pa. R. F. D.  (8) Agnes Glunt Ashbaugh born May 5, 1865, married July 4, 1893, to William J. Wilson, of Greensburg, Pa., by Rev. Walter Witten. (9) Christian James Ashbaugh born Dec. 28, 1866. Married Dec. 31, 1891, to Maggie L. Painter, by W. A. Keener. P. O., Irwin, Pa., R. F. D. To them were born six children: William G. Ashbaugh born Dec. 8, 1892. (b) Mary Ellen Ashbaugh born Dec. 2, 1895. (c) Isa. Ashbaugh born Apr. 15, 1897. died Apr. 18, 1898, interred at Union Cemetery, Irwin. (d) Howard E. Ashbaugh born July 17, 1899. (e) James H. Ashbaugh born Feb. 7, 1902. ( f ) Albert L. Ashbaugh born Apr. 9, 194. (10) Ida Settiah Ashbaugh born Sept. 6, 1868, married Sept. 17, 1885, to Elmer E. Hobaugh by Rev. W. F. Comer. P. O., Irwin, Pa., R. F. D. To them were born eight children: (a) Jennie V. Hobaugh born June 18, 1887. (b) Florence M. Hobaugh born Apr. 27, 1989. (c) Charles E  Hobaugh born July 10, 1590. (d) James W. Hobaugh born Nov. 8. 1893. (e) Henry E. Hobaugh born June 13, 1896. (f) John J. Hobaugh born July 31, 1898. (g) Mary Ellen Hobaugh born Apr. 24, I90I . (h) Ira I. Hobaugh born July 29, 1903. (11) Lydia Catherine Ashbaugh born July 13, 1870, married Oct. 27, 1892, to George E. Kuhns, of Irwin, Pa., R. F. D., by W. A. Keener. To them four children were born:




                            THE LAUFFER HISTORY.                                         41



Grace Elizabeth Kuhns horn Aug. 3, 1833. Nellie Josephine Kuhns born June 20, 1896. Sarah Ruth Kuhns born Aug. 25, 1900. Edward David Kuhns born July 17, 1903. (12) Ulysses Grant Ashbaugh born Nov. 13, 1871, Irwin, Pa. (13) Walter D. H. Ashbaugh born Feb. 19, 1876. Married Apr. 17, 1900, to Ida Florence  Kunkle, by Rev. J. M. Miles. P. O., Jeannette, Pa., R. F. D. Two children. Edith Irene Ashbaugh Feb. 24, 1901, and James Howard Kunkle Ashbaugh horn Sept. 9, 1902. (14) Clarence Algie Ashbaugh born May 12, 1878, married Sept. 12, 1904, to Luella B. Cline by Rev. S. B. Mace. Boquet, Pa. (15) Calvin Paul Ashbaugh born Dec. 9, 1879, Jeannette, Pa.


VIII. Seth Ashbaugh born Apr. 29, 1833. Deceased.


IX. Barbara Ashbaugh born Aug. 25, 1834. Deceased.


X. Paul Ashbaugh, son of Mary Lauffer, daughter of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born May 9, 1837. Resides at County Line, Iowa. Married Nov. 11, 1858, to Julia Ann Lauffer by Rev. David Kirkpatrick. To them were born five children :


(1) Alice D. Ashbaugh born Oct. 6, 18jg. Married Dec. 18, 1879, to John K. Clark by Rev. G. M. Spargrove. To them were born six children: (a) Lola Rebecca Clark born Nov. 3, 1880, died Nov. 22, 1881. Interred at Winsel Cemetery, near Libertyville, Iowa. (b) James Russell Clark born Aug. 28, 1882, of Cantril, Iowa. (c) Ida Ruth Clark born Feb. 15, 1885, married Feb. 18, 1903, to Ralph Linn by Rev. G. L. Mineas. One child: Paul Raymond Linn born Jan. 27, 1904. P. O., Cantril, Van Buren Co., Iowa. (d) Agnes May Clark born April 2, 1887. (e) Homer Dane Clark born Oct. 4, 1889. (f) Grover Cleveland Clark born Mar. 25, 1892.


(2) Elmer D. Ashbaugh born Feb. 17, 1862, married May 17, 1899, to Ada Blanchard byy(sic) Rev. Jackson Harman. One child: Fern H. Ashbaugh born Apr. 23, 1900.


(3) Mary M. Ashbaugh born May 4, 1864. Died Aug. 24, 1890, interred at Denmark Manor Cemetery. Married to John Lessig (also deceased). One child, Paul J. Lessig born Aug. 4, 1884.

42                               THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



(4) Ida V. Ashbaugh born Mar. 2, 1866, married Aug. 4, 1887, to Oliver Portzer by Rev. S. S. Holloway. Two children : Charles H. Portzer born Sept. 2, 1888, died Aug. 4, 1890, interred at Denmark Manor Cemetery, and Alice P. Portzer born Sept. 3, 1890. P. O., Harrison City, Pa.


( 5 ) Calvin P. Ashbaugh born Mar. 18, 1868, married Sept. 29, 1892, to Anna M. Lauffer. P. O., Irwin, Pa., R. F. D.


XI. Mary Ashbaugh born Jan. 12, 1839. Single. Of the date of death and place of interment we are not informed.


IV. Christian Lauffer son of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, died Aug. 10, 1886, aged 86 years, 10 months and 23 days. His wife, Elizabeth, also buried at Denmark Manor, died Jan 24, 1883, aged 82 years, 4 months and 10 days. To them were born six children: Mary, Margaret, Susan, Simon, Elizabeth, John ; of these six all except John left families. Christian Lauffer, like his brother, John, the centenarian, did some traveling in his younger days. On one of these trips he visited his Uncle Peter. in Moore Tp., Northampton Co., Pa., as we are informed by Mrs. Catharine Waugaman, his living sister. (1) Mary Lauffer, his eldest child, was born June 3, 1834, married June 16, 184, to John Wigle by Rev. Nicholas P. Hacke. Died recently. To them were born ten children: (a) Simon L. Wigle born June 11, 1846, died May 5, 1864. (b) Susan Wigle born Jan. 11, 1848, married Aug. 29, 1895, to Zeph Glunt, of Turtle Creek, Pa., by Rev. J. J.  Wagoner. (c) L. Elizabeth Wigle born Nov. 13, 1850, married Oct. 23, 1882, to  John I. Brown by B. McKenna. P. O., Paden, Ind. Ter. Three children: Ellen F. Brown born Apr. 11, 1884. Minnie A. Brown born Jan. 28, IS%. John E. Brown born Aug. g, 1890. (d) H. J. Wigle born Feb. 5, 1852, married Mar. 22, 1877, to  Martha J. Baer, by Rev. I3. R. Christy. Their family consists of seven: Melissa J. Wigle born Feb. 5, 1878. (To her we are indebted for Wigle data), Logan K. Wigle born Jan. 30, 1880, married Sept. 3, IW3, to Mary R. Ridinger, by Rev. S. B. Mase. (One child, Robert Ridinger Wigle born July 17, 1904.) C. Lauffer Wigle born Nor. 17, 1882. J. Chalmer Wigle born Feb. 18, 1884. Lydia E. Wigle born Sept. 18, 1886, died Nov. 9, 1893,













                                      THE LAUFFER HISTORY.                                 43



interred at Irwin, Pa.. Charles M. Wigle born Aug. g, 1889.  Hettie M. E. Wigle born Sept. I, 1892. (e) Frances M. Wigle, the fifth child of Nary Lauffer, was born Mar. 7, 1853, married Jan. 9, 1873, to Israel E. Good, of Export, Pa., by Rev. K.  P. Hacke. To them were born eight children. Oscar M. Good born Oct. 25, 1873,  married Aug. 11, 1896, to C. Kepple, by Rev. Geo. J. Hiener. P. O., Export, Pa. (Three children. Israel E. Good born June 14, 1895. Herbert K. Good born Sept. 11, 1899. Marion 0. Good born June 12, 1902). Anna May Good born Feb. 25, 1875, married Jan. 24, 1894, to J. N. Wilson, by Rev. J. N. Evans. (Five children: Walter Wilson born Nov. 15, 1895, died Feb. 8, 1896, interred at Murraysville. Florence Margaret Wilson born Feb. IS, 1897. Israel Arthur Wilson born June 25, 1902. Isabella Wilson born May I, 1905). Maud A. Good born Dec. 26, 1877, married Apr. 18, 1902, to E. C. Watt, of Export, Pa. William H. Good born June 17, 1880, married Sept. g, 1902, to L. E. McConnell, of Export, Pa. Frank W. Good born May 6, 1383, died Feb. I, 1884, interred at Emanuel Cemetery. Bell C. Good, the sixth of the family of Francis M. Wigle, was born Aug. 24, 1884, married Dec. 24, 1902, to H. C. McWilliams, of Murraysville, by Rev. A. F. Bender. (One child. Loretta M. McWilliams born Feb. 3, 1904). Ray I. Good born  June 15, 1886 Edna M. Good, May 6. 1888. (i) Wilson S. Wigle (born Jan. 2, 1858, married Mar. 6, 1881, to Elizabeth F. Donaldson (born Mar. 31, 1861, died June 6, 1882) by Rev. A. E. Truxal. (One child by this marriage, Albert T. Wigle, born Mar. 21, 1882, died May 5, 1882). Married again July 3, 1883, to Maggie Watson (born Jan. IS, 1862) by Rev. George Orbin. To them were born ten children. P. O., Greensburg, Pa., R. F. D. 4. George W. Wigle born May 13, 1884. William I. Wigle born Jan. 24, 1886. James H. Wigle born June 18, 1888, died Nov. 8, 1888, interred at Congruity, Pa. Frank C. Wigle born Feb. 25, 1890. Ralph R. Wigle born Oct. 10, 1891. Norman M. Wigle born Jan 8, 1894. Christina M. Wigle born May 3, 1895. Allen R. Wigle born July 19, 1897. Olive S. Wigle born Mar. 3I, 1899. Wilson S. Wigle ;born May 15, I902. (g) C. L. Wigle born Mar. 7, 1859, married in 1885

44                                   THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



to Mary Krop by Rev. Krider. P. O., Export, Pa. Nine children: Albert: N. Wigle born June 19, 1886. Minnie Wigle born Aug. 13, 1888. Herman Wigle born Mar. 8, 1890. Arnold Wigle born Feb. 6, 1892. Harry Wigle born July 4, 1894.  Laura Wigle born May 21, 1897. Oscar Wigle born Aug. 10, 1899. Noema. Wigle born Oct. 4, 1902. Christopher Wigle born May 21, 1897, died May 27, 1897, interred at Turtle Creek, Pa. (1) Annie Z. Wigle born Jan. 23, 1864, died Jan. 24, 1886.  Interred Irwin, Pa. (j) Jennie Wigle born Sept 10, 1867, married to I. K. Glunt, Irwin, Pa.


( 2 ) Margaret Lauffer, daughter of Christian Lauffer, son  of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Aug. 1, 1827. married June 20, 184, to David Keister by Rev. N. P. Hacke. To them were born eleven children. (Data of grandchildren as yet not received.) (a) John L. Keister born Feb. 19, 1845. Killed in Civil War, near Richmond, Va., May 30, 1864. (b) James D. Keister born July 9, 1846, died Apr. 2, 1875, interred Ottumwa, Iowa. (c) Henry C. Keister born Oct. 5, 1848, married Dec. 2, 1868, to Jennie Hoey, Address St. Edwards, Neb. (d) Simon D. Keister born Dec. 25, 1352, married Feb. 19, 1880, to Eva E. Humes, Export, Pa. (e) Anna M. Kiester born Nov. 14, 1854, married Jan. 2, 1873, to S. K. Hoey, Swissvale, Pa. (f) William E. Keister born Apr. 2, 1856, married July 14, 1880, to Ida Baird, Essex, Iowa. (g) Eber B. Keister born Nov. 10, 1858, married Dec. 25, 1869, to Alice Good, Carnegie, Pa. (h) Calvin E. Keister born Oct. 21, 1860, married Sept. 23, 1886, to Lizzie Cline, of Turtle Creek, Pa. (i) Elizabeth J. Keister born Oct. 28, 1862, married Aug. 20, 1885, to J. F. Mull, Jeannette, Pa. (j) Grant N. Keister born July 14, 1865, married Mar. 11, 1885, to Lydia Naley. Died Aug. 24, 1899; interred at Denmark Manor Cemetery. (k) Charles I. Keister born Jan. S, 1868, married Sept. 17, 1891, to Emma Mull, Larimer, Pa.


(3) Susan Lauffer, third in the family of Christian, son of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Dec. 10, 1831, married Dec. 25, 1851, to Samuel Earhart by Rev. Eyster.  Susannah Earhart: died May 16, 1861. Five children : (a)


                                       THE  LAUFFER HISTORY.                              45



Alpheus Virgil Earhart born Jan. 31, 1853, married June 9, 1897, to Anna Gertrude Kepler, by George W. Kepler, Address 1319 Esplanade St., Allegheny, Pa, (B) Albacetta Virginia Earhart born Aug. 20, 1854, married Feb. 6, 1871, to  John I. Errett, of McKeesport, Pa., by Rev. N. P. Hacke. He was born Nov. 18, 1850, died Oct. 16, 1889. To them were born five children. Bertha Idella Errett born Jan. 17, 1872, married June 27, 1889, to Thomas Carroll ; she died Sept. 19, 1899, interred in McKeesport, Pa. Elijah L. Errett born June 12, 1875, married Dec. 29, 1898, to Bertha Fry, Claridge, Pa. Alice E. Errett born July 20, 1882.  Maneva J. Errett born May 6, 1886, died Sept. 14, 1887. Pearl V. Errett born Oct. 16, 1888. (c) Alice Catherine Earhart born Nov. 18, 1855, married Mar. 15, 1883, to Francis Waugaman, of Harrison City, Pa., by Rev. D. B. Lady. Two children. Frank Lauffer Waugaman born July 29, 1884, and Garnet Waugaman born Apr. 1, 1886. (d) Albert Elijah Earhart born Feb. 18, 1857, married Dec. 18, 1879, to Eliza Reiff by Rev. Ogle. Address Echo, Wells Co., Ind. Two children, Alphus H. Earhart born Oct. 5, 1880, and Charles Earhart born Nov. 21. 1882, married Aug. 30, 1903, to Mattie Eva Prough by H. C. Smith. Address, Bluffton, Ind. (e) Anna Elizabeth Earhart born June 8, 1859, married Sept. 29, 1880, to Frank Johnson, St. Joseph, Mo., (born June 27, 1860) by Rev. William Friend. Three children. Aaron O. Johnson born June 19, 1881, P. O.. Hiawatha, Brom Co., Kan. Hattie A. Johnson, born Nov. 25, 1882. Nellie M. Johnson born Sept. 3, 1888. P. O. Horton, Brom Co.. Kan.


(4) Simon D. Lauffer, son of Christian, son of John, Sr, .son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Mar. 31, 1833,; married Dec. 2.4, 1863, to Kate Painter by Rev. Eaton. To them were born four children. Minnie E. Lauffer, born Oct. 2, 1865, died Jan. 4, 1871. Lizzie M. Lauffer, born Feb. 2, 1867, died Mar. 6, 1873. Bertha R. Lauffer, born Feb. 2, 1870. Frank P. Lauffer, born Nov. 8, 1880, Irwin, Pa.


(5) Elizabeth Lauffer, born Sept. 19, 1841, married May 22, 1854, to Joseph R. Martin, (born Mar. 22, 1831) by Rev. N. P. Hacke. Eight children. (a) Mary Martin, born Oct. 3,

46                                       THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



1863, died in infancy. (b) Frank E. Martin, born Aug. 3, 1856, married in 1895 to Ada Frankenberg, Latrobe, Pa. One child, Martha Martin, born Aug. 1900.  (c) William L. Martin born Aug. 25, 1858, married May 9, 1889, to Nan J. Blair. Three children. John B, Martin, born June I, 1890. James C. Martin, born November 3, 1892.  Elizabeth M. Martin, born Oct. 27, 1894. P. 0. Irwin, Pa. (d) James O. Martin, born Nov. 3, 1860, married July 4, 1883, to Catherine Bowman. Three children. Mary E. Martin, born May 23. 1884. Jean O. Martin, born July 14, 1886. Frank L. Martin. born Oct. 3, 1890. (e) Katharine M. Martin, born May 29, 1866, married Feb. 21, 1889 to John C. Loughead, Braddock, Pa. (f) Belle Martin, born Mar. 3, 1869, married Sept. I, 1891, to S. S. Shaw, 736 North Ave., Wilmerding, Pa. ( g ) Lillian M. Martin, born Feb. 27, 1874, married Aug 23, 1894, to W. E. Shaw, Jeannette, Pa. (h) Margaret Martin, born Feb. 17. 1676, married Oct. 18, 1899, to W. F. Hayden, Greensburg, Pa. One child, Elizabeth J. Hayden, born Oct. 21, 1900.


(6) John Lauffer, one of the elder children in the family of Christian Lauffer, son of John, Sr., died of a fever when a young man. No data received.


V. Daniel Lauffer, son of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Mar. I8, 1801, died May 13, 1887, interred at Pine Run cemetery. Married to Margaret Dible, who was born Sept. 8, 1808, died Nov. 6, 1846, also interred at Pine Run.  He was the father of seven children.


(I) Jacob D. Lauffer, son of Daniel, was born May 5, 1823, married June, 1853, to Mary N. Yockey. Married again in April, 1871, to Lizzie C. Amant by Rev. Stauffer. Five children.  (a) Elizabeth L. Lauffer, born Sept. 1854, married about 1870, to John Amant, of Apollo, Pa. To them were born George Amant, married and living in Saltsburg and Clyde Amant, married and living in Apollo. (b) John Y. Lauffer, born in May, 1856, married in the spring of 1879 to Martha Weaver, Apollo, Pa. Two children, Laura and Harry. (c) Leanna Dorcas Lauffer, born in May, 1863, married Christmas 1881, to Jacob  Forbes of Apollo. Six children. Ethel, Earl, Edna, Frank, Leanna,






        THE LAUFFER HISTORY                      47



      Margaret (d) Rev. George N. Lauffer, born Nov. 24, 1879, married Oct. 8, 1902, to Naomi Myers. Pastor of Lutheran church, New Oxford, Pa. (e) Hannah Mabel Lauffer, born Jan. 3, 1882, Apollo, Pa.


(2) Lusetta Lauffer, born Dec. 7, 1832.


(3) Neriah L. Lauffer, horn May 29, 1835.


(4) Julianna Lauffer, born Oct. 25, 1837. For these three we have received no data.


(5) Daniel M. Lauffer, born May 11, 1840, married March 26, 1868, to Angelina Muffley. The old family Bible is in the hands of Daniel, Jr., and to him we are indebted for much of the material in the Daniel Lauffer section. Address, Apollo, Pa.  Nine children. (a) Sharlett L. Lauffer, born Mar. 20, 1860, Salina, Pa. (b) L. Y. Lauffer, born Jan. 27, 1871, died Nov. 10, 1878. (c) J. C. Lauffer, born Dec. I, 1872, Salina, Pa. (d) J. M. Lauffer, born Mar. 12, 1874, Salina, Pa. (e) J. F. Lauffer, born Mar. 10, 1876, married Sept. 30, I896, to M. J. Caldwell, Salina, Pa. (f) M. A. Lauffer, born Nov. 12, 1877, married Nov. 7, 1900, to E. M. Williard, 85 Hamilton St., Allegheny, Pa. (g) J. R. Lauffer, born May 28, 1880, married May I, 1902, to Annie Lucas, Salina, Pa. (h) W. W. Lauffer, born Oct. 20, 1882. (i) H. Z. Lauffer, born Sept. I, 1885.


(6) Margaret J. C. Lauffer, born June 4, 1842, married Nov. 15, 1860, to Joseph Mill by Rev. McMillen. To them were born thirteen children. (a) Mary M. Hill, born Aug. 10, 1861, married Dec. 21, 1881, to J. B. George (born Apr. 18, 1857, died May 6, 1898) by Rev. J. Dottes. P. 0. Apollo, Pa. Two children.  Margaret E. George, born June , 1882, married May 12, 1904, to A. L. Whitacre, of Vandergriftt(sic) Heights, Pa. Rolland E. George, born Sept. 7, 1584. (b) Daniel M. Hill, born  Sept. 27, 1862 married Dec. 1891, to Elsie Hill, died Sept. 11, 1898, interred at Pine Run. (c) John M. Hill, of Paulton, Pa., born July 30, 1864. (11) Herman G. Hill, born Oct. 3, 1866, died Jan. 31, 1899, interred at Pine Run. (e) Belle H. Hill, born Jan. 26, 1869, married Oct. 23, 1891, to L. W. Taylor, of Apollo, (born Sept. 7, 1864) by Rev. F. W. Brown. Two children,

48                                    THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



Cora Muriel Taylor, born Dec. 11, 189, and Boyd Wilson Taylor, born Feb. 3, 1896. ( f ) Dale ,4. Hill, born Sept. 17, 1870, ma.rriec1 July 23, 1896, to Mollie Duncan by Rev. Culler, Vandergrift Heights, Pa. One child. Teresa U. Hill, born Aug. 19, 1897. (g) Russell I. Hill, born Dec. 27, 1872, died Aug. 20, 1873,  interred at Pine Run. (11) Artie A. Hill, born July 13, 1874, married Oct. 26, 1893, to Cora Shingler, by Rev. C. M. Summey. P. O. Paulton, Pa. Three children.  Marie M. Hill, born June 6, 1900, Earnest L. Hill, born June 2, 1901. John L. Hill, born Feb. 8, 1903. (i) Orpha E. Hill, ,born Feb. 19, 1877, married April 1895, to W. R. McQuilkin. Vandergrift Heights, Pa. (j) Lloyd E. Hill, born Feb. 8, 1879, married Dec.6, 1897, to R. E. Gumbert, Vandergrift Heights, Pa. (k) Cecil E. Hill, born Jan. 17, 1882, Paulton, Pa. (1) Claude E. Hill, born May 21, 1884. (M) Fern L. Hill, born, Apr. 9, 1887.


(7) John Lauffer, son of Daniel, was born Apr. 27, 1846, married Nov. 20, 1866, to Mary Agnes Rumbaugh (born Feb. 22, 1848) by Rev. J. Welfley. He was enlisted in Co. F. 11th Regiment, Penna. Volunteers, under Gen. Richard Coulter. He was a prisoner of war in Libby prison, Bell Island and Salsbury, and lectures on incidents of the Civil War. Address, Apollo, Pa. Eleven children. (a) James R. Lauffer, born Oct. 5, 1867. (b) Daniel M. Lauffer, of Irwin, Pa., born Jan. 22, 1869.  (c) Joseph S. Lauffer, born Dec. 8, 1870, married Sept. 10, 1902, to Lizzie Dekraker. Prosper, Mich. (d) Elizabeth L. Lauffer, born July 12, 1872, married Oct. 16,. 1890, to David Bieghley, of Circleville, Pa. ( e ) Mary M. Lauffer, born  Apr. 30, 1876, married Sept. 23, 1895, to Fred Sporck, of Larimer, Pa. ( f ) Samuel N. Lauffer, born Aug. 31, 1878, married May 29, 1903. to Kale Holtzer, by Rev. G. J. Deiner, Harrison City, Pa. (g) Sarah C. Lauffer, born Dec. 20, 1880, married Nov. 10, 1902, to Walter Morrison, Apollo, Pa. (h) Zula A. Lauffer, born Aug. 6, 1883. (i) John C. W. Lauffer, born Aug. 23, 1886. (j) Minnie B. Lauffer, born June I, 1890. (k) George W. Lauffer, born Aug. 25, 1894.


VI, John Lauffer, Jr., son of John, Sr., son of Christian,







John Lauffer, the Centenarian








                                        THE LAUFFER HISTORY                               49



the Pioneer, was born Jan. 26, 1803. He is the sixth in a family of fourteen and for equipoise and longevity has surpassed all the other Lauffers. He was a man of geniality and of a cheerful, amiable disposition. He was a patriarch in our family, and being a grand-son of our common ancestor, Christian Lauffer, and having all his life taken a lively interest in the affairs of all branches of the Lauffer family, he held a position of undisputed primacy.


The travels of his earlier years are related elsewhere in this history. He drove a team to Philadelphia several times before he was twenty-one, and could relate interesting stories of the stage coach days. In these trips East he crossed the mountains at three different places, namely, via Greensburg and Harrisburg, via Bedford and via Blairsville. In his own words: "I had been with a drover, He sold out at Norristown, then I went on to Philadelphia, to see the ships with sails. That is how I got  down there. I had seen the steam boats at Pittsburg, but I wanted to see the sail ships that go on the ocean. I was twenty-two  years old at that time."


In describing this journey he said: "We took the Greensburg Pike through Bedford. Another time we took the Northern Pike. We always walked home again. People are not so foolish nowadays, they do not walk so much. You get used to it. It is not harder than if you worked. It took a good bit of time going. Coming back we were allowed three days for one hundred miles. We got 60c a day for expenses and 30c a day from the drover as wages, besides having expenses paid. Going down we went about fifteen miles a day, just as it would  suit to stop."


When asked how much money he made on such a trip, requiring six weeks, he said: "I was a pretty good walker and could cover more than I00 miles in three days. So I got some  of the money allowed me for expenses. I cleared $9 or $10 on a trip." Quite a modest wage, according to our present standards of value:


On the Christmas before his death, when asked to again tell something of this trip into Ohio, he said: "Col. Paul Brinker

50                                THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



   and I took a notion to see Ohio. We had friends scattered all over the state. In the fall of the year when the buckwheat was thrashed and the corn in, we took a notion to see the country and visit our friends. We took the boat at Pittsburg for Cincinnati. We walked 400 miles or more. At Columbus we visited the Christ Lauffer people and the Teegardens who owned this land here, and had. moved out from Greensburg. We were gone about six weeks. We went in October and  got back in December before the snow came. We thought we had seen a good deal."


When asked again of the Peter Lauffer people, he said: "My Uncle Peter was about 15 years older than my father. He was a farmer by occupation, and a shoemaker by trade. He made shoes for Washington's army. He lived twelve miles from East Town (Easton) and five miles from the Blue Ridge. There is better land between East Town and Philadelphia than my Uncle Peter owned, He attended church at Stone Church, three miles from his home. I was there. John Naleigh, a brother of the Naleighs here in the Manor Valley that I knew, owned land that joined Uncle Peter's farm. I visited him and he was glad to see me. A line fence separated John Naleigh's farm from Uncle Peter's farm."


When asked how he felt that Christmas day he said: "I don't fell as good in my legs as I used to. My legs are so weak. My mind is good enough if I was only other ways as good." He died of senile gangrene of both extremities, and the arterial changes that were bringing it on, were evidently at work then already.


When asked about the role his father played in the Indian wars he said: "Several families were murdered by the Indians on Beaver Run. Captain Bonner lived near Mt. Pleasant. He gathered up twenty or forty militia men and went in pursuit. The Indians escaped. The British hired the Indians. My father was drafted in the War of '12. He did not go. He sent a substitute.  That was the summer mother was sick, and died of cancer, and it did not suit him to go. I was nine years old then.  I can remember it well."


                                     THE LAUFFER HISTORY                                  51



Of business enterprises, apart from farming, he conducted many in the years of his physical vigor. In 1834 he built a saw mill which was rebuilt in 1851. The log yard was located where the public school building at Harrison City now stands. In 1840 he and his brother Seth built a steam grist mill about one-half

mile northeast of Harrison City. A race was constructed too and part of the time this mill was operated by water power.  The saw mill was run by water power. The log yard was where the, Harrison City school house now stands. Both mills are now torn down.


In his youth the site of Harrison City was a dense thicket. He and John C. Rankin named and laid out that town. It was named in honor of William Henry Harrison, "Old Tippecanoe," and the plan of the town bears date of Nov. 3, 1840. The land south of Main street belonged to John C. Rankin, at an earlier date to Jacob Walthour, and north of Main street to John Lauffer.


John Lauffer, Jr., enjoys the distinction of having voted in twenty presidential elections. In the recent presidential election, he walked to the polls unaided, and even without a cane. He entered the booth alone, and marked his own ballot without the aid of glasses, owing to the excellence of his second sight. He voted for all the presidents from John Quincy Adams up to McKinley. Harrison, Jackson and Lincoln were his favorites, he helped elect all three. In the recent election (1903) he voted the Prohibition ticket. He resented the administration's Philippine policy. In the Prohibition propaganda of 1857 he became a total abstainer himself, and ceased using whiskey in the harvest field, as was customary in those days. He was five feet, six inches in height and weighed 145 pounds. In the vigor of his early manhood he weighed considerably more. He had dark hair and blue eyes.


 His mental vigor was retained to an unusual degree, and the tenacity of his memory was remarkable. He seemed to have forgotten nothing. And even at Christmas, 1903, was much interested in contemporary events. He attributed the fullness of

52                                   THE LAUFFER HISTORY



his years and his continued good health to his temperate habits. For more than thirty years, he followed no active pursuit in life, and chose a golden medium in his living. He was a venerable man and many traveled far to converse with him. He reached the century milestone with his mind clear and faculties unimpaired.

It was agreeable to talk to so cheerful an old man, who could recall the War of 1812 and talked of Jackson and his victories, as events occurring when he was a boy. The Indian raids upon the early settlers were fresh in his mind, he could remember the Wilderness north of Pittsburg (Armstrong Co.) where deer abounded in his youth, and he could relate the events of the Mexican and Civil wars with great exactness. Until shortly before his death he devoted several hours each day to reading papers, books and the Bible.


He was a devout man, and was a Life-long member of the Reformed church which he attended regularly and in which he took great interest. Profanity, liquor, and other vices of the vulgar, he was free from. He ate heartily, slept well, and even when quite old and feeble was not burdensome to himself or others. In his later years he made his home with his daughter Lucy, Mrs. Klingensmith, who is an excellent housekeeper, and fondly cared for him in sickness and in health.


His first marriage was to Esther Brinker May 3, 1827. She was a daughter of Jacob Brinker and was born Nov. 24, 1808, and died July 21, 1849. She was the mother of twelve children. John Lauffer, Jr., was married a second time to Mrs. Mary Gear, nee Buchman, Feb. 12, 1853. It was since the death of the latter that he made his home with his daughter Lucy.


John Lauffer, Jr., died Jan. 14, 1904, aged 100 years, 11 months and 19 days. Interred at Denmark Manor Cemetery. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. J. F. Snyder, of Salina, in the Reformed Church at Harrison City. His theme was the Heavenly Home and his text from John's Gospel 14:2-3. It was the largest funeral ever seen in that part of the country, and one of the most able sermons ever listened to by the people of Harrison City. "In the Heavenly Home there is room enough for all who will come Like in the parable of the Great Supper, after


                                     THE LAUFFER HISTORY.                                 53



the servants gather in all they could find, it was reported there still is room. There are many mansions. It is an assured Home. No child of God will ever be disappointed. 'If it were not so I would have told you. St. Paul declares, ‘For we know if the earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building

of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens.' "


Rev. Snyder was assisted by Rev. Deiner and Rev. Noss. The  church was so packed that many were unable to gain admission. The children of John Jr., son of John Sr., the son of Christian, the pioneer, are : (I) Henry Paul Lauffer, born Feb. 11, 1828, married July 4, 1849, to Susanna Fink ; of this union there

sprang Rev. Michael Fink Lauffer, born Apr. 21, 1850. He was married May 6, 1875, to Margaret Pricilla Baughman. One son by this marriage, Coil Franklin Lauffer, born Feb. 28, 1876. Rev. Michael Fink Lauffer was again married to Anna Melissa Meyer Nov. 27, 1884. One son, Walter Meyer Lauffer, born Sept. 7, 1886. Address 115 East Washington St., Huntington, Ind. While pastor of a Lutheran church near Columbus, O., he became acquainted with western Lauffers and rendered very cordial assistance in this history.


Henry Paul Lauffer was again married Jan 12, 1853, to Mary Holtzer. P. O. Harrison City, Pa. To them were born: (a) Louise Lauffer, born Oct. 28, 1854, died Nov. 15, 1854. (b) John Holtzer Lauffer, born Jan. 29, 1856, died Nov. 12, 1863. (c) Henry Albert Lauffer, born June 29, 1858, married to Clara Alice Bair. Two daughters. Verna Frances Lauffer, born June 22, 1888, and Caroline Lauffer, born May 8, 1891. (d) Ella Melissa Lauffer, born Dec. 1, 1860, married to Paul Finley McGrew, 124 Penna. Ave., McKeesport, Pa. No reply. (e) Harry Lauffer, born July 10, 1863. (f) William Tecumseh Sherman Lauffer, born June 15, 1865. (g) Edward Marion Lauffer, born Sept. 13, 1857. Married Dec. 22, 1892, to Maud E. Lang. To them were born: Mary Lang Lauffer, born Nov. 18, 1893. Henry Paul Lauffer, born Aug. 4, 189.5. Florence Ruth Lauffer, born May 6,

1897. Verna Catharine Lauffer, born Dec. 5, 1901.


(2) Jacob B. Lauffer, born May 14, 1829. Married Nov.

54                                     THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



11, 1852, to Susanna Berlin. Harrison City, Pa. To them were born: (a) Martha Jane Lauffer, born Jan. 31, 1853, died June 22, 1859. (b) Elijah Lauffer, born Sept. 12, 1855. Married Mar. 28, 1882, to Elizabeth Clark. She died Nov. 3, 1890. To them were born : Walter Clark Lauffer, born Jan. 29, 1883. Died in May, 1905. Charlie Park Lauffer, born Apr. 4, 1888. James Howard Lauffer, born Mar. 3, 1890. Elijah Lauffer was married again May 20, 1897, to Emma Gertrude Ferree. Address Manor, Pa. (c) John Berlin Lauffer, born Sept. 5, 1857. Died Mar. 24, 1890. Married :4pr. 21, 1880, to Matilda S. Loughner. To them were born Tressie Viola Lauffer, May 19, 1882, Married Feb. 22, 1901, to Chalmer M. Kistler, and their young daughtter(sic),  Luella May Kistler, born Apr. 9, 1902, was the great-great-grand-daughter of John Lauffer, Jr., and Oliver William Kistler, born Nov. 28, 1904, named after Oliver Lauffer, brother of Tressie. (d) Frank Lauffer, son of Jacob B. Lauffer, was born Oct. 5, 1859. (e) William Lauffer, M. D., Larimer, Pa., born 1861. No reply. (f) Anna Lauffer, born May 14, 1863, married June 10, 1883, to Lester Newcomer. Three children : Sadie R. Newcomer, born Aug. 5, 1885, Harry Elmer Newcomer, born Feb. I, 1887.  Charles L. Newcomer, born July 26, 1892. Married again Oct. 17, 1895, to Alfred M. Eckenrod, of Harrison City, Pa. Five children: John L. Eckenrod, born July 11, 1896. Clarence A. Eckenrod, born May 16, 1898. Twins born June 19, 1900, Anna M. and Alfred E. Eckenrod. Francis M. Eckenrod born Dec. 11, 1902. (g)  Laura Belle Lauffer, born Dec. 11. 1865. Married Sept. 11, 1888, to Henry Shearer, Harrison City. Pa. One son. Henry Park Shearer, born Nov. 5, 1894. (h) Jerry Lauffer, born Nov. 11, 1869. Married Aug. 11, 1891, to Anna Ferguson. Two children : Wilbur Hays Lauffer, born Mar. 4, 1895. Clarence Alvin Lauffer, born May 4, 1902. ( i ) Emma Lauffer, born July 10, 1870, died Aug 22, 1896. (j) Harry Elmer Lauffer born Apr. 15, 1873. (k) Urbana Lauffer, born May 22, 1875.  Address of latter three is Harrison City, Pa.


(3) William Urias Lauffer, born Sept. 17, 1831, died Aug. 28, 1833.


                                     THE LAUFFER HISTORY.                                 55



(4) Lucy Anna Lauffer, born May 19, 1833, married Jan. 26, 1854, to Jackson Klingensmith, now deceased. Two children. William A. Klingensmith, born Sept. 6, 1855. John Calvin Klingensmith, born Feb. 24, 1867, died July 20, 1868.


(5) Catherine Maria Lauffer, born Mar. 8, 1835, married Dec. 22, 1853, to Stephen Ridinger, of Irwin, Pa., by Rev. Nicholas P. Hacke. Stephen Ridinger died June 5, 1903. To them were born seven children. (a) John Lauffer Ridinger, born Mar. 11, 1855, married Sept. 4, 1888, to Sarah B. Brown, by Rev. Chas. P. Cheesman. Their son, Paul Brown Ridinger was born June 8, 1889, died - , 1904. (b) Arabella Ridinger, born Aug. 31, 1857, married Nov. 28, 1877, to Joseph M. Kiester, by Rev. Noble G. Miller. Four children. Mary Ridinger Kiester, born Aug. 25, 1885, died May 20, 1886, interred Irwin, Pa. John Ridinger Kiester, born June 5, 1887. Stephen James Kiester, born Sept. 17, 1891. Charles Roscoe Kiester, born Feb. 7, 1897. (c) Emma Elizabeth Ridinger, born Apr. 7, 1860, died Nov. 17, 1863. (d) Mary Fast Ridinger, born June 11, 1862, died Dec. 12, 1886. (e) Carrie Melissa Ridinger, born June 2, 1866, died Nov. 16, 1870. All three are interred at Union Cemetery, Irwin, Pa. (f) Anna May Ridinger, born May 14, 1869, married Oct. 28, 1890 to Roscoe T. McCormick (born Jan. 10, 1867, at Irwin, Pa.) by Rev. J. F. Murray. Address 310 Hay St. , Wilkinsburg, Pa. (g) Charles Wesley Ridinger, born Mar. 10, 1872, married Nov. 10, 1897, to Ettie M. Weihl, by Rev. Henry D. Lindsay. To them were born Charles Wesley Ridinger, Jr., born Feb. 3, 1900. John Stephen Ridinger, born Sept. 20, 1901. Address 3204 Perrysville Ave., Allegheny, Pa.


(6) Josiah Benjamin Lauffer, son of John, Jr., son of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, born Jan. 27, 1837. Address 868 Chester St., Oakland, Cal. His has been a very interesting career. At twenty pears of age he commenced making trips on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. He made ten or eleven trips to Vickksburg(sic) and New Orleans between 1858 and 1860. It was then his purpose to learn the river in order to be a pilot.  He tells us: "In 1861 the war broke out and the Rebels blockaded

56                                   THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



the lower Mississippi, and that stopped my boating scheme.  In 1861 I enlisted for the War as a private soldier. I served nearly through the war. Was promoted and was discharged in July, 1865, as Captain of Company K, 11th regiment, Pa. Volunteers. During my service I took part in many of the principal battles of the war, was twice slightly and once severely wounded.


''I will here mention my brother Israel, who also was a soldier. He belonged to the 101st Regiment. He was wounded and taken prisoner and died a prisoner of war. One thing more of importance I wish to call to your attention. I never saw it mentioned anywhere that my grandfather, John Lauffer served in the Revolutionary War, but it is a fact that two of his brothers and himself served during that period. My grandfather being very young at the time served as a scout. This I heard from his own lips. In those times records may have been kept very imperfectly. There may be no record to show that he served under Captain Bonnet, and in the War of 1812, he furnished a soldier, that is 112 hired and paid a man out of his own pocket to serve in the war, he at the time being unable to serve himself.


"After the War I engaged in store business in Penn Station for about four years, during which time I was postmaster. From there I moved on a farm in Penn Township, lived there four years and from there to Harrison City. I again engaged in the mercantile business and was postmaster for six years. In 1886 I moved to Humboldt County, Cal., lived &ere for four years, then moved to San Francisco. I have been employed at the U. S. mint for nearly nine years. I was also employed at the Navy Yard at Vallgio nearly two years."


Josiah B. Lauffer was married Nov. 26, 1566, to Anna J. Sowash, by Rev. James Kelso. To them were born nine children : (a) James Otis Lauffer, born Sept. 23, 1871, married to Margaret Newhart, San Francisco, Cal. (b) Charles Lynus Lauffer, born Feb. 21, 1874, married to Charlotte Pierce. Two sons. Howard Clayton Lauffer and Raymond Bartle Lauffer. Oakland, Cal. (c) Joseph Garnet Lauffer, Oakland, Cal., born Aug. 30, 1878.


                                         THE LAUFFER HISTORY.                            57



(d) Grace Esther Lauffer, born Feb. 4, 1868, Oakland, Cal. (e) Catherine Patterson Lauffer, born Nov. 26, 1869, married to Bernard Aner , of Golden Gate, Cal. Two children, Helen Catherine Aner and Dorotha Clare Aner. (f) Anna Jessie  Lauffer, born May 24, 1876, married to George McGraw, of Oakland, Cal. To them was born Ruby Loas McGraw. (g) Mary Elizabeth Lauffer, born Mar. 29, 1881, married to Chester Ames, of Oakland, Cal. (h) Elsie Gill Lauffer, born July 15, 1884, died June 8, 1885, interred at Harrison City, Pa. (i) Ida Estella Lauffer, born Dec. 31, 1887, Oakland, Cal.


Josiah B. Lauffer adds, in a note to his letter, that the B. in his name stands for Bartel. "I was named after an uncle of my father, Bartel Lauffer."


(7) John Kistler Lauffer, born Feb. 13, 1839, died Aug. 27, 1839.  (8) Israel Lauffer, born Feb. 19, 1843, died Oct. 7, 1864, at Charleston, S. C. He was a private in Company I, 101st Reg't, Pa. Vol.


(9) Benjamin Franklin Lauffer, born Oct. 11, 1846. No reply. One daughter resides at Harrison City, Pa., married to Harry Mull.


(10) Aaron Lauffer, born May 8, 1849. Died July 12, 1849.


John Lauffer, Jr., had one child by his second marriage. Margaret Ann Lauffer, born Feb. 8, 1854, died 1861.


VII. Simon Lauffer, son of John Sr., the son of Christian, the Pioneer. Simon Lauffer was born Jan. 3, 1805, and died Oct. 18, 1875. He is buried at Brush Creek. He was married Aug. 14, 1828, to Anna Nelig (died Apr. 13, 1895) by Rev. N. P. Hacke. Five children : ( I ) Katy Ann Lauffer, born Feb. 12, 1832, and died at Shafton, Pa., Mar. 29, 1903. Married to Lewis Kelly. Their children are: (a) John F. Kelly, born Oct. 19, 1855, married Sept. 1, 1887, to Elizabeth Parbitt by Rev. Thomas Sharp. Resides at Penn Sta., Pa. Eight children. John Lewis Kelly, born May 30, 1888. George Walter Kelly, born July 17, 1890. Edward Howard Kelly, born June 13, 1892.  Mary May Kelly, born July 1, 1894. Jane Manervy Kelly, born

58                                   THE LAUFFER HISTORY



Sept. 23, 1896. William Jacob Kelly, born Oct. 6. 1898. Grace Celia Kelly, born Nov. 8, 1900. Died Nov. 16, 1901, interred at Union cemetery, Irwin, Pa. Edith Hannah Kelly, born Feb. 14, 1902. (b) Mary Jane Kelly, born June 25, 1858, married Nov. 28, 1875, to Henry Atwood, Irwin, Pa., R. F. D., by Rev. John Huston. To them were born six children. J. E. T. Atwood, born Oct. 18, 1881, married Dec. 18, 1902, to Elizabeth Rodgers, by Rev. Fast. P. 0. Irwin, Pa. One child, Margaret Jane Atwood, born Apr. 17, 1904. Martin Lewis Atwood, born Aug. I8, 1885, died June 12, 1889, interred Union cemetery, Irwin, Pa. Carr  Joyner Atwood, born July 7, 1888. Adalade Ester Atwood, born Feb. 15, 1892. Ada Gertrude Atwood, born Feb. 21, 1895. Annie Nora Atwood, born Jan. 1, 1898. (c) Mrs. William Painter, deceased. No report.  Resided at Paintertown.

(d) Mrs. Joseph Homey, of Penn Sta., Pa. No report.


(2) Hannah Lauffer, born June 21, 1835, died Oct 24, 1902. Married in 1856 to Peter Helman, also deceased. Four children. (a) Alice Helman, of Manor, Pa. (b) Elmer E. Helman, born Apr. 10, 1861, married Sept. 30, 1885, to Eva M. Painter, by Rev. A. E. Truxal. Six children. Resides at Irvona, Pa. Mervyn Painter Helman, born Mar. 25, 1887. Thomas Lauffer Helman, born Jan. 25, 1890. Frank Wheeler Helman, born July 5, 1893. Elmer Grant Helman, (born June 15, 1895.  William Helman, born Nov. 18, 1897. Evaline Painter Helman, born Mar. 9, 1902. (c) William Wilson Helman, Irvona, Clearfield Co., Pa., married to Mary White. No report. (d) Grant Helman, Manor, Pa., born 1866. Editor of the Irwin Standard Republican.


(3) Eli Lauffer, born Oct. 10, 1840. Married Aug. 30, 1871, to Malinda Burger by Rev. N. P. Hacke. She was born May 5, 1846, and died June 12, 1898. To them were born eight children. (a) Lillie Cecelia Lauffer, born Feb. 28, 1872, married Feb. 10, 1905, to Edward G. Gregg, of Jeannette, Pa. (b) Ida May Lauffer, born June 5, 1873, married Mar. 6, 1902, to Wallace S. Kistler, of Manor, Pa. One daughter, Mary Elizabeth Kistler, born in June, 1904. (c) Simon William Elmer Lauffer, born Feb. !3,







                                   THE LAUFFER HISTORY.                                   59



1875, died Apr. I5, 1876, interred at Brush Creek. (d) Harry Edward Lauffer, born Nov. 24, 1875, Greensburg, Pa. (e) Harrison Clay Lauffer, born Dec. 25, 1878, Manor, Pa. ( f ) Walter Lauffer, born Mar. 23, 1880: died Mar. 28, 1880. (g) Eliphas Park Lauffer, born June 10, 1881. Married Feb, I5, 1905, to Flora May Krasner,     P. 0. Manor, Pa. (h) John Arthur Lauffer, born May 26, 1853, died Jan. 21, 1885. Also interred at Brush Creek.


(4) Elizabeth Elmira Lauffer, born Dec. 15, 1843. Married to William Miles. One son, Walter Miles, of Irwin, Pa. No report as to date of her death.


(5) Mary Jane Lauffer, born July 31, 1848, married June 3, 1884, to P. George Baughman, of Manor, Pa.


VII. Seth Lauffer, son of John, Sr., the son of Christian, the Pioneer. Seth Lauffer was born Dec. 27, 1806, and died Nov. 22, 1895. He was married to Elizabeth Miller who was born Mar. 16, 1811, and died May 29, 1888. To them were born thirteen children. (I) Susannah Lauffer, born Sept. 8, 1831. Married to Andrew J. Gosser. She died April 25, 1867, and was buried at Brush Creek Cemetery. He died July 19, 1898, and is interred in Union cemetery, Irwin, Pa. They were married by Rev. N. P. Hacke. Eight children. (a) Barbara Ann Gosser, died young, interred at Brush Creek. (b) Angeline Gosser, born Sept. 22, 1854, died young, interred at Brush Creek. (c) Seth Gosser, born May 11, 1856. Married Sept. 24, 1879, to Sarah N. Good, by Rev. David B. Lady. Address, Manor, Pa. Two children. Infant daughter born Dec. 5. 1895, interred Denmark Manor Cemetery. Millard F. Gosser, born Jan. 26, 1888, of Manor, Pa. (d) Mary Catherine Gosser, born May 27, 1857, married Oct. 19, 1876, to Columbus Kuhns, by Rev. Homer Smith. Ten children. Daniel Kuhns, born Mar. 9, 1877, married Dec. 10, 1902, to Maggie May Brown, by Rev. Fast, and to them was born Mary Catharine Kuhns, Jan. 12, 1903, Irwin, Pa. George Andrew Kuhns, born Mar. 7, 1880. John R. Kuhns, born Feb. 7, 1883. William Seth Kuhns, born May 20,


60                                    THE LAUFFER HISTORY



1885. Maggie Viola Kuhns, born Oct. 29, 1887. Harry Edward Kuhns, born Feb. 17, 1890. Clara Josephine Kuhns, born Feb. 19, 1892, died Apr. 17, 1893. Lizzie Ann Kuhns, born Mar. 18, 1894. Mary Theresa Kuhns, born May 22, 1896. Howard Norman Kuhns born Mar. 3, 1899, died July 3, 1909. Interred Union cemetery, Irwin, Pa. (e) Henry J. Gosser, born May 6, 1860, died May 6, 1873. (f) Martha Ann Gosser, born Apr. 1, 1802, married Mar. 17, 1887, to William L. Silvis, of Irwin, Pa., by W. A. Keener. Three married children. Minnie Viola Silvis, born Mar. 20, 1888. Charles Homer Silvis, born June 3, 1890. Liddie Ann, born June 11, 1893. (g) William J. Gosser, born Aug. 26, 1864, married Sept. 17, 1885, to Mary E. Good, (died Mar. 5, 1902) by Rev. Hemsath.  Six children. Annie  M. Gosser,  born Dec. 13, 1886. James L. Gosser, born Jan. 10, 1889. William C. Gosser, born Apr. 13, 1891. Sarah S. Gosser, born Dec. 25, 1893. Nina Isabel Gosser, born Aug. 6, 1896. Joseph S. Gosser, born Oct. 14, 1899. (h) Infant son born Apr. 13, 1867, interred at Brush Creek Cemetery.


(2) Philip Lauffer, son of Seth, son of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Sept 8, 1831. At his hospitable home, north of Harrison City, the Lauffer reunions had their genesis. He was married Mar. 18, 1833, to Barbara Ellen Yount (died July 31, 1904) by Rev. George Mechlin. To them were born seven children: (a) George R. Lauffer, born July 16, 1863, married Dec. 25, 1895, to Lydia A. Lauffer. by Rev. J. M. Evans. P. 0. Harrison City, Pa. Five children. Infant born Jan. 11, 1897, died Jan 13, 1897, interred Denmark Manor cemetery. Peter G. Lauffer, born Dec. 10, 1897. Philip H. Lauffer, born Nov. 27, 1899. Charles E. Lauffer, born Oct. 14, 1901. John Howard Lauffer, born Nov. 19, 1903. (b) Mary Elizabeth Lauffer, born March 21, 1865, died Oct. 21, 1865. Interred at Brush Creek, cemetery (c) David Henry Lauffer, of Harrison City, Pa., born May 6, 1866. (cl) John Seth Lauffer, born Mar. 20, 1869, married Sept. 4, 1895, to Beckie S. Maxwell, by Rev. John M. Evans. P. 0. Export, Pa., R. F. D. 1. Five children. Infant son born Sept. 21, 1896, died Sept. 23, 1896, interred Denmark Manor cemetery. Ruth F. Lauffer, born Aug.

































                                        THE LAUFFER HISTORY                               61



29, 1897. Ellen E. Lauffer, born Oct 28, 1900.  M. Jean Lauffer, born Mar. 13, 1902. Glen C. Lauffer, born June 7, 1904. (e) Michael Franklin Lauffer, born July 11, 1873, married Jan. 7, 1897, to Annie M. S. Allwine, by Rev. J. M. Evans. Four children. Levi Philip Lauffer, born July 5, 1897. Samuel Wallace Lauffer, born Oct. 31, 1898. Mary Ellen Lauffer, born Sept. 5, 1900. Bessie Irene Lauffer, born May 14, 1902. (f) Simon Peter Lauffer, born Feb. 23, 1875, Harrison City, Pa. (g) Hannah Catharine Lauffer, ,born Feb. 3, 1877. Address, Harrison City, Pa. She has assisted us materially in the collection of data for this book. Without her valuable assistance we could not have secured much of the matter herein presented.


(3) John M. Lauffer, son of Seth, son of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Mar. 1, 1834, 248 West Penn St., Butler, Pa. Married in 1860 to Martha Kline by Rev. N. P. Hacke. To them were born eleven children. (a) Naomi Emma Lauffer, born Mar. 26, 1861, married Dec. 28, 1882, to William Royle, of Hilliard, Pa., by Rev. Bray. (b) Zephaniah P. Lauffer, born Feb. 28, 1863, married Mar. 29, 1893, to Sadie E. Dumbaugh, by Rev. C. Scheel, Butler, Pa. (c) William H. Lauffer, born Jan. 12, 1865, married Oct. 3, 1889, to Lizzie E. Crossland by Rev. J. K. Johnston. Montpelier, Ind. (d) Maggie M Lauffer, born Jan. 26, 1867, married Mar. 28, 1892, to James W. Black, of Parkers Landing, Armstrong Co., Pa., by Rev. E. Cronenwett. Four children. C. A. B. Glack, born Oct. 21, 1893. Martha Romain Black, born Oct. 12, 1895. Hazel S. Black, born July 12, 1893. Emma E. Black, born Jan. 21, 1901. (e) Sarah Ellen Lauffer., born Mar. 3, 1869, married Sept. 20, 1887, to John H. Simpson, 117 State St., Batavia, N. Y., by Rev. George E. Titzel. Five children. Katharine Pearle Simpson, born June 10, 1888. George William Simpson, born Dec. 4, 1890, died Aug. 17, 1895, interred at Kittanning, Pa. Edward Claude Simpson, born May 17, 1895. Randolph Lauffer Simpson, born Aug. 12, 1901. Charles Clair Simpson, born Aug. 25, 1904 .  (f) George A. Lauffer, born May 16, 1871, married Oct. 31, 1895, to Kezia Carnahan, by Rev. J. R. Coulter. Address   Eau Claire, Pa. One child. Zephaniah P. Lauffer, born Feb. I6,

62                                   THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



1898. ( g ) Charley C. Lauffer, born Map. 12, 1873, married in 1898 to Dacie Weaver, Freeport, Armstrong Co., Pa. (h) James E. Lauffer, of Butler, Pa., born June 10, 1875. (i) Carrie M. Louffer, of Butler, Pa., born Mar. 30, 1879. (j) Jennie Lauffer, born April 13, 1882, died Feb. 24, 1833, interred at Bruin, Butler Co., Pa. (k) Annie T. Lauffer, of Butler, Pa., born June 16, 1888.


(4) Infant son, twin of John M. Lauffer, born Mar. 1,  1834. Interred at Harrison City, Pa.


(5) Mary Lauffer, born April 29, 1836, married Mar. 15, 1863, to Jacob Helman, by Squire Mavane. Three children. (a) Elizabeth Jane Helman, born Feb. 5, 1564, died June 2, 187S, interred at Long Run cemetery. (b) William S. Helman, born May 30, 1865, married Jan. 13, 1887, to Margaret S. Altman, by Rev. S. P. Wolfe, South Greensburg, Pa. Eight children. Elsie May Helman, born July 9, 1888. Edgar Thomas Helman, born Jan. 20, 1890. Robert Eli Helman, born Sept. 23, 1891, died Jan. 13, 1892, interred at Union cemetery, Irwin, Pa. Elizabeth Jane Helman, born Jan. 23, 1893. Mary Margaret Helman, born Sept. 3, 1894. William Seth Helman, born April 22, 1896. John Adam Helman, born Dec. 29, 1898. Chalmer E. Helman, born April 24, 1902. died Jan. 24, 1903, interred at Union Cemetery. (c) Jacob H. Helman, born Mar. 2, 1867, died Sept. 2, 1869, interred at Long Run cemetery.


Mary Lauffer, daughter of Seth, was married again Sept. 18, 1870, to Adam Gittens, of South Greensburg, by Squire McCormick. Five children. (a) Mary Ellen Gittens, born Aug. 15, 1871, married Nov. 19, 1892, to John L. Davis, of South Greensburg, Pa,, by Edward B. Sweeny. Eight children, Mary Ann Davis, born April 26, 1893. Sarah Jane Davis, born Sept. 12, 1894. John L. Davis, born Oct. 22, 1896. Philip Thomas Davis, born Nov. 1, 1898. Four infant sons, interred in Union Cemetery, Irwin, Pa., born June 17, 1901, June 1, 1902, May 5, 1903, and May 2, 1904. (b) Adam Gittens, of South Greensburg, Pa., born June 22, 1872. (c) Maggie May Gittens, born July 24, 1874, married Sept. 7, 1889, to Columbus K. Geiger, of


                                       THE LAUFFER HISTORY                                63



Irwin, Pa., by S. C. Remsberg. Three children. Charles Geiger, born Jan. 9, 1890, died Aug. 10, 1890 ,interred at Union Cemetery, Irwin, Pa. Edgar C. Geiger, born Dec. 25, 1892. William Seth Geiger, born Aug. 19, 1894. (d) Maggie May Gittens, of South Greensburg ,Pa. born July 24, 1874. (e) Philip T. Gittens, born. Oct. 26, 1875. Married Nov. 24, 1904, to Mary A. Johns by Rev. Shanlis. South Greensburg, Pa. (f) Sue L. Gittens, born Jan. 28, 1877, married Sept. 28, 1893, to George J. Carroll, of Youngwood, Pa., by Squire Frederick. Three children. .Ethel May Carroll, born May 1, 1894, died Dec. 22, 1894, interred at Union cemetery, Irwin, Pa. Hazel Oneta Carroll, born April 22, 1896. George Oburn Carroll, born May 14, 1903.


(6) Catharine Lauffer, daughter of Seth, son of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Aug. 7, 1837, married May 13, 1867, to M. L. Atwood (born April 14, 1839, died Dec. 36, 1897, interred at Ford City, Pa.) by Squire Jones. Seven children. (a) Emma C. Atwood, born June 28, 1868, married Oct. 11, 1887, to Robert B. Hartman, of Ford City, Pa., by P. F. McClarren. (b) David L. Atwood, born Feb. 27, 1870, married July 28, 1897, to Elnora Booth, by M. L. Atwood. P. 0. Ford City, Pa. One child. Catharine Emma Atwood, born June 7, 1899.  (c) Henry P. Atwood, born May 27, 1871, died Oct. 8, 1873, interred at Brush Creek Cemetery. (d) Albert A. Atwood, of Ford City, Pa. (e) Hannah E. Atwood, born April 30, 1875,  married July 17, 1894, to Thomas M. Hindes, of Ford City, Pa., by Rev. Jack. Four children. Aida Bertha Hindes, born Oct. 8m 1894. Hildred Eva Hindes, born Oct. 31, 1896. Catharine Eliza Hindes. born Oct. 16, 1598. Eliza Pearl Hindes, born Mar. 14, 1902. (f) Frederick W. Atwood, born Dec. 31, 1876, married May 6, 1902, to Pearl McAfoose, by Rev. R. C. Bowling.  P. 0. Kittanning, Pa. One child. Bertha Margaret Atwood, Born Sept. 21, 1903. (g) Mary Ellen Atwood , born April 4, 1879, married April 14, 1897, to Lewis H. Cogley, of Ford City, Pa., by M. I.. Atwood. Four children. Bessie Lillian Cogley, born Aug. 30, 1897. Margaret Elizabeth Cogley, born Aug. 7, 1839. Frederick Albert Cogley, born May 25, 1904. Elnora Emma Cogley. Born May 25. 1905.

64                                   THE LAUFFER HISTORY



(7) Sarah Lauffer, daughter of Seth, died aged two years, and was interred at Denmark Manor cemetery.


(8) Elizabeth Lauffer, daughter of Seth, son of John Sr., son of christian, the Pioneer, was born Dec. 14, 1841, married Mar. 20, 1861, to Samuel Gosser. He was born Oct. 7, 1821, died April 22, 1867, interred at Brush Creek Cemetery. Three children. (a) Alice Almira Gosser, born Nov. 1, 1862, married Mar. 17, 1887, to J. R. Heasly, of Harrison City, Pa., by W. A. Keener. Three children, Elizabeth Heasly born Oct. 29, 1857, died Nov. 10, 1887, interred at Harrison City, Pa. Samuel W. Heasley, born July 4, 1889. George H. Heasly, born June 10, 1893. (b) Francis Marion Gosser, born Oct. 20, 1863, died July 19, 1865, interred at Brush Creek. (c) Hannah Catharine Gosser, born July 6, 1867, died Aug. 20, 1867, interred at Brush Creek.


(9) Simon Peter Lauffer, son of Seth, was born June 17, 1844, married Oct. 20, 1874, to Hester Manda Guy, (born Jan.13, 1853). Five children. P. 0. Manor, Pa. Simon Seth Lauffer, born July 13, 1875. Frank William Lauffer, born Nov. 20, 1877. Charles Walter Lauffer, born Mar. 27, 1880. John Filmor Lauffer, born May 6, 1884. Homer Edward Lauffer, born June 3, 1888.


(10) Infant son twin of Simon Peter Lauffer, interred at Denmark Manor.


(11) Henry Paul Lauffer, son of Seth, son of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born, June 7, 1847, married Feb. 27, 1873, to Priscilla Bossart by Rev. Nicholas P. Hacke. Merchant at Rankin, Pa. Seven children, (a) Walter  Seth Lauffer, born July 24, 1874.  Married Mar. 26, 1903, to Luna McVey.  Rinard Mills, O. (b) William Andrew Lauffer, of New Matamoras, Ohio, born Jan. ,I5, 1876, married June 15, 1903, to Mayme Marlow. (c) Edward John Lauffer, born Oct. 25, 1878, married April 17, 1899, to Rose A. Hoffman , by Rev. Wall. P.0. Cameron, W. Va. Four children. Gladys Lauffer, born Jan. 15, 1900. Walter Lauffer, born May 2, 1901. Glenn A. Lauffer,



                                       THE LAUFFER HISTORY.                               65



born Jan. 12, 1903. Cecil P. Lauffer, born Oct. 16, 1904. (d). Margaret Elizabeth Lauffer, born Dec. 19, 1879, married Dec. 25, 1900, to Frank G. Burson, of Teutonia, W. Va., by Rev. W. A. Hanna. One child. Charles E. Burson, born Nov. 9, 1902. (5). Estella Mae Lauffer, born May 18, 1882. Bellton, W. Va. (f). Harry Paul Lauffer, born April 3, 1884, Rankin, Pa. (g) Pearl Lauffer, born Mar. 6, 1888. Rankin, Pa.


(12) Infant daughter interred at Denmark Manor.


(13) Hannah Lauffer, daughter of Seth, son of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Mar. 14, 1855, married April 25, 1878, to Charles Hines, of Harrison City, Pa., by Rev. J. S. Fink. Ten children. (a) Jacob Seth Hines, of Harrison City, born Feb. 19, 1879. (b) Margaret Elizabeth Hines, born Oct. 14, 1880( married Mar. 6, 1902, to A. J. MaGill, of Harrison City, Pa. One child, Emma Gertrude MaGill, born Jan. I, 1904 (c) Charles William Hines, born Nov. 5,  1881. (d) Hannah Catharine Hines, born Aug. 15, 1584, married Aug. 18, 1903, to Lewis Baughman, of Jeannette, Pa., by Rev. J. M. Evans. One child. Charles Baughman, born Nov. 10, 1904. (e) Emma Gertrude Hines, born Nov. 2, 1886, died July 9, 1887. (f) Anna Mary Hines, born June 19, 1888. (g) George Oliver Hines, born May 26, 1890, died Nov. 30, 1893. (h) John Edward Hines, born Aug. 13,1892. (i) Henry Paul Hines, born March 19, 1894, died Aug. 16, 1894. (j) Lucy Ellen Hines, born Oct. 29, 1896, died Dec. 24, 1897. The four that are deceased are buried at Union Cemetery, Harrison City, Pa.


(9) Hettie Lauffer, daughter of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was  born in 1808, died in April 1892. She is interred at Denmark Manor. She was married in 1847 to Henry Beamer, Sr. After his death she was again married to  Christian Young, and later was married to Jacob Silvis.


(10) Henry Lauffer, son of John, Sr., son of Christian the Pioneer, was born in 1810 and died in 1856. He made his home with his uncle, George Ashbaugh. He never married.


(11) Jacob Lauffer, son of John, Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, interred at Harrison City cemetery. No data received as

66                               THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



to birth, marriage and death, but he lived to a ripe old age. Five children. ( I ) Annie L. Lauffer, born Nov. 9, 1846, married Feb. 2, 1865, to William H. Sowash, of Irwin, Pa., by Rev. William Edgar. Four children. (a) Elizabeth Sowash, born Feb. 21, 1867, married Feb. 2. 1888, to B. M. McWilliams, of Irwin, Pa., by Rev. S. P. Wolf. One child. Elizabeth McWilliams, born July 5, 1889, died Oct. 5, 1890, interred at Union Cemetery.  (b) Williard Fillmore Sowash, born April 28, 1869, died Sept 16, 1869, interred Union cemetery, Irwin, Pa. (c) Joseph Lauffer Sowash, born April 28, 1870, married June 2, 1397, to Pearl Dixon, by Rev. J. Dunbar, Irwin, Pa. (d) William Henry Sowash, Jr., born July 28, 1876, died July 10, 1877. Interred at Union Cemetery, Irwin, Pa.


(2) Arch Lauffer, of Jeannette, Pa., son of Jacob, was born Nov. 19, 1850,  married Dec. 26, 1871, to Fannie Keeler by Rev. J. Howard Kunkle. Nine  children. (a,) Jacob Frederick Lauffer, born Aug. 7, 1872, died Dec. 14, 1874. (b) William Henry Lauffer, born Nov. 26, 1874, died Dec. 4, 1878. ( c ) John  Sylvester Lauffer, born May 31, 1877, married Oct. 18, 1901, to Alice Jones. (d) Sarah Charlotte Lauffer, born July 11, 1879, married Dec. 14; 1900, to L. E. Lohr. (e) Mary Ann Lauffer, born Nov. 28, 1881, married Nov. 26, 1899 to J. E.  Donaldson, of Greensburg, Pa. (f) Edward Lockyer Lauffer, born Jan. I, 1885, died July 13, 1885. Also interred at Union Cemetery, Harrison City, Pa. (g) Frank Lauffer, born April 24, 1886. (h) Susanna B. Lauffer, born May 20, 1888. (i) Fannie W. Lauffer, born Sept. 1, 1894, died Dec. 24, 1895.


(3) Susan Virginia Lauffer, daughter of Jacob, son of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Dec. 28, 1852, married Feb. 1869, to John Mansfield, of Paintertown, Pa., by Rev. Noble G. Miller. Five children. (a) Freddie Walton Mansfield, born Jan. 2, 1871, died Oct. 1871, interred at Harrison City. (b) Sadie Olena Mansfield, born July 29, 1873, Irwin Pa. (c) Milford Sowash Mansfield, born June 2, 1875, married Feb. 2, 1899 to Rachel Brown by Rev. J.  Calvin. Two children. Earle Milford Mansfield, born Dec. 22, 1899. Charles Albert Mansfield, born Feb. 5, 1902, Irwin, Pa. (d) Joseph Wilson Mansfield,








                                        THE LAUFFER HISTORY                              67



born Dec. 15, 1879, married Aug. 18, 1904, to Celia Haines, by Clerk of Courts, Greensburg, Pa.


(4) Charlotte Temple Lauffer, daughter of Jacob Lauffer, was born June 7, 1855, married July 28, 1874, to Edward Lockyer by Rev. W. P. Wolfe. Six children. (a) William Sowash Lockyer, born April 7, 1876. Died Oct. 16, 1880. Interred at Irwin, Pa. (b) George Bryant Lockyer, born June 16, 1878, 50, 22nd st., Wheeling, W. Va. (c) Bessie Lockyer, born Oct. 31, 1880. , (d) Edward Archie Lockyer, born Sept. 16, 1883. (e) Charlotte Temple Lockyer, born July 2, 1891. The latter four reside at 320 Patterson avenue, McKeesport, Pa. ( 5 )  Jennie Lauffer, daughter of Jacob. No data received.


12. Sarah Lauffer, daughter of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born July 12, 1814, died Oct. 6, 1901. Married to Simon Miller. Eight children.


( I ) John M. Miller, born May 20, 1832, married June 4, 1854, to Catharine Good. Died Nov. 14, 1902. Interred at Denmark Manor. Seven children. (a) David Christian Miller, of Harrison City, Pa., born Sept. I5, 1861. Married to Anna Sager, now deceased. Six children. Daniel F. Miller, born Feb. 11, 1883. Alice May Miller, born July, 1887. Catharine Duella Miller, born March 16,1892. David Miller, born June 1895. Henry Miller, Anna Miller, born Feb. 4,1897. (b) Henry Simon Miller, of Westmoreland City, Pa., born Aug. 29, 1862. Married to Sarah Epley. Two children. Lyda Belle, born in June 1885, married Dec. 25, 1902 to Robert Kohl, of Harrison City, Pa. One child. And Katharine Miller, born Sept. 10, 1891. (c) Sarah Anna Miller, born Aug. 28, 1864. Married to David Kuhns, of East

McKeesport, Pa. Five children. Daisy Lurline Kuhns, born Sept. 12, 1884. Esmerelda Mae Kuhns. Minnie Catherine Kuhns. Wilber Morris Kuhns, born Nov. 10, 1890. Bessie Kuhns, born Sept. I, 1892. (d) Elizabeth Margaret Miller, born Mar. 6, 1866. Married to Robert Kuhns, of East McKeesport, Pa. Nine children of whom four died in infancy, namely, Elmer, Frank, Roy and Walter. Charles Kuhns, born Jan., 1886. Robert Kuhns, born April, 1898. (e) Minnie Belle Miller, born April 7, 1871. (f)

68                                THE LAUFFER HISTORY.


Joseph Franklin Miller, born Oct. 20, 1873. (g) William John Miller; born Mar. 23, 1881.


(2) Levi Henry Miller, born Mar. 8, 1834, married to Elizabeth Rose. One daughter. Hannah Catherine Miller.


(3) Catherine Miller, born July 20, 1836 died Dec. 12, 1855. Interred at Denmark Manor. Married to Andrew Klingensmith, also deceased. Two children. (a) Elizabeth Klingensmith (deceased), was married to James Mitchell, and left two children, Susan Mitchell and Frank Mitchell. (b) Sarah Klingensmith, married Mar. 5, 1872 to James Logan, of Donegal, Westmoreland Co., Pa. Thirteen children, Rachel Dessie Logan, born Jan. 14, 1874, married to Joseph Shavier; two children, Joseph and Lawrence. Myrtle Joy Lagan, born March 17, 1875, married to G. A. Myers; two children, Harold Myers and James Myers. Elmer Milton Logan, born June 8, 1877, married to Lizzie Griffen; two children, Bula Logan and Edward Logan. William Andrew Logan, born Feb. 17, 1880. Julia Ann Logan, born Dec. 11, 1882, married to Peter Firmstone, of, Mt. Pleasant, Pa, ; three children, William, James and Harry. James Blaine Logan born Jan. 6, 1884, died April 5, 1885. Florence Mildred Logan, born Feb. 6, 1886. Verona Mae Logan, born May 17, 1888. Bednago S. Logan, born May 23, 1890. May B.

Logan, born Aug. 27, 1892. Sadie Viola Logan, born Oct. 3, 1894. Irene K. Logan, born April 21, 1896 Canrissa G. Logan, born Oct. 18, 1890.


(4) Susan Miller, daughter of Sarah Lauffer, was born Aug. 9, 1841. married Aug. 23, 1864, to John F. Landis, of Penn Station, Pa.  Four children. (a) William Harrison Weimer Landis, born Mar. 13, 1866, married Oct. 23, 1889, to Sarah Potts. Four children. Edgar Carlyle Landis, born Sept. 1, 1890. Marguretta Helene Landis. born Jan. 3, 1893. John Franklin Landis, born Sept. 6, 1896. Susan Elizabeth Landis, born Dec. 20, 1902. (b) Aaron Franklin Landis, born Mar. 21, 1868, married Oct. 29, 1902, to Elizabeth Compher Rankin. One son, David Rankin Landis, born Sept. 29, 1903, died 1905. A. Frank Landis is the enterprising editor of the Westmoreland Journal, of Jeannette, Pa. (c) Sarah Arabella Landis, born June 14, 1871.







                                             THE LAUFFER HISTORY.                          69



(d) Anna Mary Landis, born April 28, 1874, Penn Station, Pa We are indebted to Miss Anna Landis for the data of the Sarah Lauffer section, as presented in this volume:


( 5 ) Joseph Miller, born Feb. 3, 1896, now deceased. Buried at Denmark Manor. Married to Mary Ann Simmonds. No issue.


(6) Mary Ann Miller, born April 20, 1848, died 1851, interred at Denmark Manor.


(7) Aaron Miller, of Penn Station, Pa., born April 22, 1852. Married to Anna Wolfe. Three children. (a) William Jacob Miller, born Aug. 21, 1875, married in June, 1901, to Emma Sarver.  One child, Howard Miller, born Feb. 22, 1903. (b) Laura Belle Miller, born May 20, 1878, married to Jacob Bricker, May 2, 1894. One child, Weldon Bricker, born May 11, 1899. (c) Viola May Miller, born May 13, 1881, married to Daniel Borlin, of Greensburg, Pa., died Feb. 13, 1904. One child Elizabeth, born March 8, 1900.


(8) Elizabeth M. Miller, born Dec. 9, 1855, married Dec. 2, 1893, to J. B. Peterson, Ligonier, Pa. Mary Miller, born Jan. 4, 1877, married Jan. 28, 1902, to Harry Sanner, of Greensburg, Pa.


13. Hannah Lauffer, daughter of John Sr., by his wife Barbara, died when quite young and was interred at Denmark Manor Cemetery.


14. Catherine Lauffer, youngest in the family of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born July 16, 1823, married Jan. 7, 1841, to Hezekiah Waugaman, by Rev. N. P. Hacke. Hezekiah Waugaman was born June 3, 1818, died June 8, 1897. Grandmother Waugaman now makes her home with Mrs. Ed. Kemerer, her daughter Mary. Her mind is clear and mental faculties unimpaired. Her knowledge of exact dates of incidents in the Lauffer History is quite  remarkable. Thirteen children. (I) Hannah Rachel Waugaman, born Aug. 20, 1842, died Nov. 4, 1902. Married to W. S. Naley, 6724 Lowe Ave., Chicago, Ill. Seven children. Duella Minerva Naley, Presley Owens Naley, Harry Hirst Naley, Emma Valeria Naley, married June 29, 1904,

70                                      THE LAUFFER HISTORY.



to Harris Freeman, of Orange, N. J., Anna Jane Naley, Tracy Matilda Naley, Elsie Naley. (2) Cynthia Elizabeth Waugaman, born May 20, 1844, married in 1862 to John Bushager. He was a private in Company K, 168 Reg't. and died at Newburn, N. C., Mar. 5, 1863, interred Plot 7, grave 117. Address Irwin, Pa. One child, Sarah J. Bushager, born in 1863, married in 1886 to Lewis C. Henry. To them were born: Charles B. Henry, in 1887, John W. Henry in I889, Mildred Louise Henry in 1898. (3) Lavinda Susanna Waugaman, born July 23, 1846, died Mar. 4, 1851. (4) Boa Elias Waugaman, born Jan. 24, 1848, died Dec. 26, 1895. Married to Mrs. Lucy Lord, nee Smith. To them were born three children, Tracy La Burr Waugaman, born June 21, 1884, Arthur Waugaman, and Dewey Waugaman. ( 5 ) Jeremiah Asa Waugaman, born Feb. 8, 1850, married Dec. 26, 1872, to Rebecka Jane Pool (born Apr. 17, 1853). Address, Greensburg. Pa. Eight children. (a) Minnie Sophia Waugaman, born July 25, 1873. Married to F. L. McKeever, of Greensburg, Pa. (b) Ira Alvin Waugaman, of Manor, Pa., born Apr. 2, 1875. Married Sept. 11, 1902, to Emma Mull. (c) Annie Mary Waugaman, born Aug. 12, 1876, married to A. K. McCurdy, Greensburg, Pa. (d) Walter Scott Waugaman, of Greensburg, Pa., born Feb. 4, 1878, married to Cora Kuhns. (e) Bertha Salome Waugaman, born Feb. 5, 1880, married to H. H. Holtzer, of Darrah, Pa. (f) Hezekiah Asa Waugaman, born Aug. 13, 1881. (g) Willmina Kathrin Wagaman. born Mar. 7, 1884, married to J.C. Barr, of Greensburg, Pa. (11) Samuel Pool Waugaman, born Jan. 4, 1886, died Oct. 21, 1901.


(6) Silas Peter Waugaman, son of Catharine Lauffer, daughter of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born May 14, 1852, died Oct. 12, 1899. Married Nov. 11, 1875, to Katharine Peters, by Rev. Bartholomew. Three children. (a) Robert A. Florence Waugaman, born Oct. 2, 1876. Married June 4, 1902, to James A. Norris. He died Apr. 24, 1903, and is interred in Bradford Cemetery, Centre Co., Pa. (b) Harry Oscar Wauqaman, of Turtle Creek, Pa., born Oct. 15, 1880, married Jan. 30, 1901, to Bertha E. Powell. (c) Eugene Glenn Waugaman, of Turtle Creek, Pa., born Sept. 14, 1897.


                                        THE LAUFFER HISTORY                               71



(7) John Henry Waugaman born Feb. 13, 1854. Died Dec. 27, 1894.


(8) Ezra Hezekiah Waugaman, born Sept. 12, 1855. Died Aug. 15, 1892. Married to Jennie Forscyth. No report.


(9) Francis Marion Waugaman, son of Catherine, was born Sept. 24, 1857. Married Mar. 15, 1883, to Alice Earhart. P. 0. Harrison City, Pa. Two children. Frank L. Waugaman, born Aug. 29, 1884. Garnett W. Waugaman, born Apr. I, 1886.


(10) George Washington Waugaman, born July 12, 1859. Married Apr. 7, 1887, to Amanda J. Snyder, by Rev. A. E. Truxal. He resides north of Harrison City, on the Hezekiah Waugaman born, formerly the John Lauffer, Sr., homestead. Two children, Emma Catherine Waugaman, born Oct. 4, 1888, and Mary Elizabeth Waugaman, born Dec. 21, 1901.


(11) Rev. Simon Uriah Waugaman, pastor of the Reformed church at Rimersburg, Pa., born Feb. 5, 1862, married June 16, 1892, to Emma Highburger, by Rev. A. E. TruxaL Three children. John Nevin Waugaman, born May 18, 1893. Simon Hezekiah Waugaman, born Aug. 10, 1896. Stanley Merle Waugaman, born June 30, 1899. 


(12) William Hiram Waugaman, born Sept. 1, 1863. Graduate D. D. S., Univ. of Pennsylvania, Class of 1891. Practicing at Turtle Creek, Pa. Married July I5, 1896, to Ada Virginia Stirling (born Dec. 26, 1865). To them were born: Helen Stirling Waugaman, born Apr. 30, 1898. Marjore Waugaman, born Mar. 2, 1901, died June 11, 1901. Elsie Marion Waugaman, born Nov. 17, 1902.


(13) Mary C. Waugaman, youngest in the family of Catherine, daughter of John Sr., son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Sept. 10, 1865. Married Nov. 22, 1888 to Edward D. Kemerer, of Harrison City, Pa., by Rev. A. E. Truxal. Died Oct. 31, 1905. Nine children. Charlie W. Kemerer, born Apr. 10, 1889. Elizabeth M. Kemerer, born Oct. 27, 1890. Simon E. Kemerer, born May 12, 1892. Amanda B. Kemerer, born Jan. 15, 1894. Catherine E. Kemerer, born Sept. 17, 1895. Mabel G. Kemerer, born Apr. 12, 1897. Ray M. Kemerer, born Mar. 23, 1899. Mary D. Kemerer, born June 6, 1901. Francis Edward Kemerer, born Mar. 23. 1903.