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                              THE CHRISTIAN LAFFER BRANCH.


Christian, Jr., and Bartel were older than Henry and John, and both were married when they came into Westmoreland Co.  (Henry was 20 years old and John 5 years old when Christian, the Pioneer, moved into Westmoreland Co., from Moore Twp., Northampton Co.


In the little cemetery on the Old Esquire Conthin farm, now owned by Thad. W. Baum, near Pleasant Grove School House, Pickaway Co., Ohio, is the grave of Christian Laffer, died Oct. 2, 1823, in the 53rd pear of his age, and buried on the farm on which he had lived. This date places his birth at 1770, which would make Christian, Jr., younger than his brother John. If that be true, John, the centenarian, is confused in his dates in this particular.


From the letter of Anna E. (Lauffer) Strayer, 1329 Forsythe Ave., Columbus, Ohio, we learn substantially as follows :-


Christian Laffer, son of Christian, the Pioneer, married a Miss Hooker while living in Pennsylvania. To them three sons  and two daughters were born, of whom three lived to advanced age :


1. John Laffer, who married Susan Shook.


2. Susanna Lafter, married to Jacob Pelyer, four children.


3. Jacob Laffer, married to Sarah Burke. Four children.


By a second marriage he was united with Elizabeth Teegarden (died Feb, 21, 1826, aged 38 years, 11 months and 5 days).  With the Teegardens he went to Madison Twp., Pickaway Co., 0. To them were born seven children.


1. Christian Laffer. Married to Nancy Sloan. Nine children.


2. Henry Laffer. Married to Hannah Van Horn. Ten children.


3. Solomon Laffer. Married to Susanna Smith. Ten children.


4. Ellen Laffer. Married to Samuel Huff. Ten children.

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5. Sarah Laffer. Married to John Crossley. Seven children.


6. Daniel Laffer. Married to Charity Woodring. Four children.


7. Simon Laffer. Married to Millie Hemper. Nine children.


Part of our information of the Christian Lauffer branch we derive from John Lauffer, the centenarian. In his earlier days he described his trip into Ohio thus: "On the 1st of November, 1826, in company with Col. Paul Brinker, I tock a steamboat at Pittsburg for Cincinnati. We arrived at the latter place at the end of three days. A day or two later we started afoot for Dayton, Ohio, thence to Chilicothe, thence to Pickaway Co., to visit among the Teegardens, near St. Paul, Ohio, who had been pioneer settlers in Westmoreland Co. After visiting a week among old-time friends and relatives, the journey was resumed to Columbus, thence to Wooster, Cleveland and Canton, stopping with friends along the way. From Canton to Rumley, a village on the Tuscaroras River, thence to Steubenville by way of Harmony, and thence by way of Beaver Falls to Pittsburg. The whole journey occupying about six weeks."


The children of Christian's first marriage, are :


1. John (Christiana, wife of John Laffer, died June 10, 1846, aged 21 years, 8 months, 22 days.)

2. Susanna.

3. Jacob. Died Sept. 9, 1846, aged 51 years. Sarah, his wife, died Aug 7, 1844, aged 53 years, 10 months.


These obituaries we have through Jacob R. Smith, Canal Westchester, Ohio. R. F. D. No. 2. We have no data of descendants.


The children of Christian's second marriage:


I. Christian Laffer. No data sent to us.

2. Henry Lauffer, the son of Christian, the son of Christian, the pioneer, was born June 12, 1812, married Oct. 24, 1846, to Hannah Van Horn, by Rev. Wagonhals. Died Aug. 29, 1837. Interred at Lithopolis, Ohio. Member of St. Paul's Evan. Lutheran Congregation at St. Paul, Pickaway Co., Ohio.


He had a family of ten, whose families are as follows :-

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I. Joseph H. Lauffer born Nov. 24, 1847. Married July 31, 1870, to Mary Shaffer. Died March 10, 1881. Interred at Cardington, Ohio.


II. Sarah Caroline Lauffer, born July 9, 1849, married June 18, 1872, to George Clinger, Duvall, Ohio, R. F. D. To them were born :


(1) Pearl Pauline Clinger, Jan. 3, 1876. Married to Jessie  Cole Apr. 25, 1901, by Rev. M. F. Lauffer. Died Jan. 16, 1901.  Interred at Lithopolis. To them were born Robert E. Cole, Feb. 23, 1902, died Feb. 24, 1904, interred at Lithopolis, and Nellie Cole, born July 15, 1903.

(2) Minor Bishop Clinger, born Jan. 25, 1878.

(3) Eva Hannah Clinger, born Dec. 15, 1879. Married June 10, 1903, to Harley Spoyer.

(4) Stella May Clinger, born Sept. 11, 1883. Died Nov. 8, 1885.

( 5 ) John Henry Clinger, born July 26, 1885. Died Oct. 26, 1886.

(6) Walter Lauffer Clinger, born Sept. 25, 1892.


III. Solomon Christian Lauffer, born June 12, 1851. Died May 31, 1894. Interred at Lithopolis, Ohio.


Fourth in the family of Henry Lauffer, son of Christian, son of Christian, the Pioneer, was :-


IV. John Eli Lauffer, horn Nov. 30, 1852. Married July 11, 1878, to Ella Carter, by Rev. S. P. Mauger To them were born :-


1. Clarence Walter Lauffer, born Oct. I, 1882. Address 67 W. 11th St., Columbus, Ohio.


2. Vernon Henry Laffer, born July 14, 1884. Address, Groveport, Ohio.


3. Raymond Ellwin Lauffer, born Aug. 27 1891.


4. Don Gilbert Lauffer, born Jan. 14, 1896.


5. Orpha Claire Lauffer, born Jan. 16, 1898. The latter three are at  Bellefontaine, Ohio.


V. Mary Elizabeth Lauffer, born Dec. 25, 1.855. Married to David McKinley, Dec. 25, 1876. To them were born Elva Lo-

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raine McKinley, Jan. 18, 1877. Died Jan. 5, 1882. Bertie Millard McKinley, born June 16, 1879.


VI. Roxy Jane Lauffer, born Jan. 27, 1858. Married May 1, 1885, to Solomon Adams by Rev. I. H. Schneider. Address, Degraffe, Ohio. To them were born,-(1) Ethel May Adams, May 14, 1886, died May 16, 1856. (2) Minor B. Adams, born Dec. 18, 1891, died Dec. 20, 1891. Both interred at Ray's cemetery,

Bloomfield Tp., Logan Co., Ohio.


VII. Emma Joana Lauffer, born Sept. 21, 1860. Died Sept. 25, 1879. Interred at Lithopolis, Ohio.


VIII. Irvin McClellen Lauffer, born Dec. 11, 1862, P. O., Bellefontaine, Ohio.


IX. Frances Christina Lauffer, born Dec. 4, 1864. Married Dec. 9, 1880, to David McKinley. Died Dec. 12, 1881. Interred at Lithopolis, Ohio.


X. Walter Jerome Lauffer, born Oct. 4, 1871. Married Jan. 1, 1896, to Lizzie: Bell Cloud. P. O., Canton, 0.


3. Solomon Teegarden Loffer, third son of Christian Laffer, son of Christian, the Pioneer, and Elizabeth Teegarden. Born 1815, married 1836 to Susanna Smith by Rev. Wauganhultz.  To them were born ten children.


I. Sarah F. Loffer, born June 8, 1837, married Oct. 26, 1854 to Daniel N. Strayer by Rev. Adams, P. O., Degraff, Ohio.  To them were born ten children. (1) Solomon Lester Strayer, of Pemberton, Ohio. Born April 6, 1856. Married July 4, 1883, to Loucretia Clark. (2) lsadora Alvanine Strayer, born Jan. 12, 1858.  Married April 15, 1902 to Adam King, of Sidney, 0. (3) Emma Katura Strayer, born Sept. 12, 1859, died Dec. 12, 1859. (4) John William Strayer, of Bellefontaine, Ohio, born Nov. 15, 1860, married to Etta Shultz in 1888. (5) Jacob Francis Strayer, of Degraff, O., born April 21, 1863, married Oct. 1, 1884, to Ota Derreese by Rev. E. B. Smith, to whom were born (a) Hazel E. Strayer, June 26, 1886, and (b) Ethel J. Strayer, June 17, 1894. (6) Ellen Rosa Strayer, born Oct. 1, 1865, married Feb. 28, 1889, to Lester Roach. of Logansville, Ohio. (7) Daniel Harley Strayer, of Bellefontaine, Ohio, born Jan. 18, 1868, married Mar. 3, 1887, to, Libbie Van Meter by Jacob Frantz, to whom were born

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(a) Claude N. Strayer, Sept. 25, 1888, (b) Ray S. Strayer, Jan. 30,1890, (c) Forest R. Strayer, May 22,1900. (8) Emma Susan Strayer, born April I, 1870, married Sept. 29, 1891, to James Yocum, of Mendon, Ohio. (9) Virb Otho Strayer, born Nov. 11, 1872, married Nov. 5, 1896, to May Shidaker. P. O., Delphos, Ohio. (10) Minta Almada Strayer, born July 17, 1874, married Oct. 26, 1893, to Charles Kaser, of Sidney, Ohio.


II. Anna E, Loffer, born Aug. 2, 1838, married Dec. 20, 1863, to F. W. Strayer, of Columbus, Ohio, by I. N. Smith. To them were born (1) Francis E. Strayer, Dec. 16, 1864, married Sept. 12, 1888, to Clara Young, P. O., Degraff, Ohio. To them were born :--( a)Floyd C. Strayer, May I5, 1889. (b) Mimner D. Strayer, Nov. 18, 1890. (c) Wave1 A. Strayer, Aug. 7, 1892. (d) Harvey C. Strayer, March 9, 1896.


(2) William E. Strayer, of Jackson Center, O., born April 17, 1867, married Oct. 15, 1898, to Stella Cole. (3) Elma E. Strayer, born Oct. 22, 1873, married Jan. 6, 1892, to George Bunker, of Degraff, Ohio. (4) Jesse Strayer, of Columbus, Ohio, born May 15, 1879.


111. Francis MI. Loffer, born Feb. 17, 1840, killed on the battlefield at Pittsburg Landing, April 6, 1863.


IV. Elisha D. Loffer, born Sept. 24, 1841 ; married in Oct., 1860  to Elizabeth Jones. Died Aug. 28, 1878. Interred in Missouri.


V. Jacob S. Loffer, born April 17, 1843, married in 1866 to Nancy Rea, and in 1884 to Minnie Idle; died Aug. 13, 1903. Interred at Degraff, Ohio.


VI. Christina Loffer, sixth in family of Solomon J. Loffer,  son of Christian, son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born March 19, 1845. Married in June, 1866, to Johnathon Rea, of Quote, Carroll Co., Missouri, by Rev. Isaac Smith. To them were born twelve children. (I) Nellie G. Rea, born March 7, 1857. Died Aug. 24, 1887. (2) Lyman C. Rea, born Dec. 23, 1867, and married Sept. 14, 1893 to Anna Power, P. 0.. Dawn, Mo., R. F. D. No. 2. (3) H. T. Rea, of Kansas City., Mo., born Sept. 30, 1870,

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married Feb. 26, 1895, to Minnie Wood. (4) Theodore Rea, born Nov. 26, 1872. Died Dec. 26, 1873. Mt. Enon cemetery. ( 5 ) Mada Rea, born Oct. 14, 1874, married Jan. 14, 1894, to Robert McAllister, of Holdenville, Ind. Ter., by John Leslie, Esq., to whom were born Ruby McAllister Sept. 30, 1895, and Leslie

McAllister Jan. 26, 1897. (6) Christina's sixth child is Reuben Rea, of Dawn,

Mo., R. F. D. 2, born Nov. 18, 1876. Married Nov. 28, 1897, to Minnie Snodgrass. (7) Bessie Rea born Nov. 9, 1878, married Nov. 13, 1896, to C. H. Stewart, of Plymouth, Mo., whose children are (a) Iva May Stewart, born Aug. 5, 1897, (b)  Eunice Leah Stewart born Feb. 7, 1899, (c) Willard Stewart, born Dec. 16,1900, (d) Leone Marae Stewart born Sept. 13, 1903.


(8) Early Rea, of Braymer, Mo. (9) Ellen Rea, ,born Oct. 21, 1882, P. O., Kansas City, Mo. (10) Jennie Rea, born Aug. 14, 1884. Died Dec. 12, 1893. Mt. Enon Cemetery. (11) Beulah Rea, born Aug. 19, 1886. P. O., Chillicothe, Mo., (12) Russell Rea, born Oct. 22, 1288. P.O., Braymer, Mo.


VII. Ellen M. Loffer, born Feb. 28, 1847. Died Aug. 11, 1863. Interred Bloom Centre, Ohio.


VIII. Christian Loffer, born Jan. 25, 1849. Married Oct., 1871, to Alice Jackson and in 1902 to Martha Hammer. P. 0. Degraff, Ohio.


IX. Henry S. Loffer, born Nov. 20, 1850. Married in 1874 to Orvilla Woods. Died June 10, 1904 Interred at Degraff, Ohio.


X. Solomon E. Loffer, youngest in the family of Solomon T., son of Christian, son of Christian, the Pioneer, was born Nov. 14, 1853. Married Dec. 27, 1877, to Evire Bunker by Rev. Edward G. Whitlock. P. O., Degraff, 0. To them were born (1)  Ethie Loffer, Dec. 20, 1878. (2) Bessie Loffer, March 30,

1882. (3) 0. Kay Loffer July 19, 1884 (4) Floyd Loffer, Feb. 1, 1887. (5) Amy Loffer March 21, 1892.


4. Ellen Laffer, daughter or Christian, son of Christian, the pioneer, to Samuel Huff, ten children. No data received.


5. Sarah. Laffer, daughter of Christian, son of Christian, the Pioneer, to John Crossley, seven children. No data received.

28                                  THE LAUFFER HISTORY.


6. Daniel Laffer, son of Christian, the son of Christian, the Pioneer, to Charity Woodring, four children. No data received.


7. Simeon Laffer, son of Christian, the son of Christian, the Pioneer, to Millie Hemper, nine children. No data received.  P. O. is Ogden, Bloom Co., Iowa.